Losing saddlebags

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  1. I'm currently in need of getting myself into a bathing suit which I haven't done for almost 6 years. I wouldn't say I'm overweight (5'6" and 128lbs) persay but I could stand to lose 10 pounds and it's all on my hips and thighs mostly in the lovely form of cellulite. :hysteric:

    Do I have a hope in hell of melting this off in 6 weeks? And how? Right now I power walk sporadically so I guess I have to pull it together and do it daily and incorpprate some weights, right?
  2. squats and lots of them. If you have a balance ball put it a in the middle of your back and lean against the wall. This will support your bagck and keep it straight, now squat. dont let your knee go over your toes.
    Do this about 25 times and pause. do 2/3 reps. and after a few days increase the amount of times you do it each rep. Like add 2x per rep for a few days. TRUST me you wont feel this right way but tomorrow you will.

    Tomorrow when its ouchie, do 20x/rep. it will help lift your butt, slim your thighs and calfs.

    You can also do lunges. it will give you the same effect but harder to keep that back supported and straight.

    You can do side leg lifts. put your hand on the wall and stand straight. lift the opposite leg out 20-25/per rep. again start with 2 or 3 reps and increase over a few days.
  3. related--I swear all the fat on my body goes to my lovehandles. I'm thin, but I have lovehandles you could rest your arms in. how do I get rid of those suckers?!
  4. Squats and lunges and running. Also, I found in my case that I always have the cellulite even when I ran a half marathon and lost a lot of weight. Sometimes it's just hereditary.
    First on is the last to come off.
    I finally just got over it and put the bathing suit on. But it's easier to do that when you're 45 and married with four kids. You just do it.