Losing my patience with Coach

  1. Hello everyone,

    I need to vent. I'm losing patience with my local Coach store. I really want a coach swing pack and they are currently out of stock of the one I want, and I don't think they will be getting replenishments. I call them everyday regarding new stock and they have nothing coming in soon. The sad fact is that there is only one Coach store in all of Ontario, so bags get sold out very quickly and I can't get to this store very often as it's far away. I want the gallery khaki swing pack, do you think I should order the bag from the states as my SIL from Boston is coming over to my house in Canada for the july 4th weekend, or wait for the new collection. I would have to order this week from coach.com b/c shipping is 4-5 days. I need to make a decision, but i'm so confused:blink:
  2. Which one are you looking for bags?
  3. this one 4680
  4. Most stores will order items they don't have in stock to be shipped to your home for free, all you pay is sales tax. (not sure how sales taxes work in Canada, though). Has your store offered to order the swing pack for you to be shipped to your house? Whenever I've told an SA at my store that I purchased something online they remind me that they can ship the same way for free and save me a couple bucks.
  5. I was just going to say that. They have that bag in NJ or atleast they did this weekend.
  6. Why not just sign up with a service like Shop the States and order it online?
  7. Has anyone actually used this service in Canada ??
    wonder if its worth the price for the service ...