Losing my obsession fast...

  1. Hi Ladies! I've been posting and buying for over a year now in the company of you all. And...I'm finding I'm just not obsessed about handbags like I used to be. I like a good handbag, I like a good deal, but it doesn't move me like it used to. I check into the forum to see what you all are talking about and I am amazed by the amount of passion that handbags inspire. It's just gone for me.
    Am I out of the loop? Over the hill? Been there, done that? I look at the new handbags that are posted and I think: okay, yeah, so what? Another variation of a hobo, a clutch, a satchel, a tote. I'm somewhat jaded, knowing that a new handbag doesn't solve anything, and that there will always be a handbag that calls anew...but if you wait long enough, the siren call will die out. Of course there are bags that I want, but the obsession is just gone. I will buy them one day, and okay.
    Anyone feel the same way? :supacool:
  2. sorta. i think i went through a phase of being all bagged-out, then moved onto jewellery. now i m back in bags!
  3. I think it comes and goes for me. Some years there are lots of new and interesting designs, and some years, it's like you said - just another variation of the same, tired thing!
  4. I'm feeling it lurking from time to time, that exact feeling, but it hasen't taken hold of me yet. ;) THere always seems to be more things I want, if not bags in the exact sense of the word, then something related. I also find this forum generally good to use for other topics also, it's keeps me aournd even in the times bags seem not as interesting.
  5. I hear you! I am going through the same thing. I joined this forum in March and have purchased and sold way too many bags since joining. Now I am more or less content with my collection :woohoo:
  6. I wil always love a beautiful bag but...I'm basically content with my collection and I'm even selling a bunch that I bought and really don't love for whatever reason. Maybe you feel that your collection is complete?
  7. I feel the same way. I started actively posting here in March of this year, and between March and now, I have lost count of how many bags I have purchased. So I think I'm just "bagged" out. I still like reading about and looking at other people's purchases, but I'm not really interested in getting anything else, except another Balenciaga, but I'm being good and waiting on that one.
  8. I'm kinda in that phase...but it's more like I'm disgusted with how much money I've spent since joing tPF and now I know my wallet needs a break.
  9. I'm there, as well. There are other things I've become interested in, and I can't think of a thing to put on a 'bag wishlist.' I feel satisfied with the bags I have for now.
  10. Kinda like the thrill is gone. For me it's because I've achieved my ideal bags in a much smaller collection. I'm satisfied.
  11. I'm kinda getting there too. I used to obsess over anything LV and would be prowling online to always add another one to my collection but ever since I joined the forum, I've sold almost all my LV's and have converted to Balenciaga. I've purchased 3 so far and even though I'd like to have all of what's on my wishlist (see signature), I think that I'd be content with just 2 more and just:beach: for awhile. Bbags are a little more $$ than LV's and that alone pretty much helps me curb my bag obsession for now.
  12. I think I'm all bagged out for now. I'm enjoying what I have, but just can't seem to justify buying another bag.
  13. i feel ashamed at all the time, money, energy, etc i have spent on bags :sad:
  14. Interesting to see I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think when you have a nice collection...the thought of adding another bag to just sit there in the closet...not being used...just loses its appeal. I think the amount of money spent too, is horrific. Are we entering a new consciousness? When you think: all I've spent on bags this year could have bought me a super deluxe trip to India; or rented an apartment in Paris for two weeks... It is kind of sobering, isn't it?
  15. TG- it is sobering. Thankfully I have been able to return or sell my bags but nevertheless, I have had to take a loss as well. Plus, no one can return the time I have spent buying/researching/posting here, etc...