Losing my Hermes Virginity... So young?

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  1. You've worked hard. It's a great reward and great start to H.:tup: There are many ways to use the twilly e.g. a hairband.
  2. Looks like you have excellent taste already, its a beautiful twilly. Enjoy New York and please show us when you have it.
  3. Lovely twilly and very appropriate for you. Enjoy your trip with your Mom...... hope you make some great memories together!!
  4. Well, the wording of your thread might not be the best but apart from that I don´t see any reason why you shouldn´t buy that lovely twilly if you want it. It´s a nice start to the orange slippery slope!

  5. Awwww the twilly is cute for a 15 year old :smile: Enjoy it!
  6. First of all, going to NYC with your mom will be very special and memorable. Adding H along the way would be icing on the cake. The beautiful blue Twilly you've chosen is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your trip.
  7. Enjoy the city! Dont forget to go down 5th not just Madison!
  8. really pretty twilly; you will have so much fun at the h boutique! plan on spending some time so you can see all that h has to offer. as other forum members have suggested do save some of your money for a "rainy" day.
  9. I say, go for it! Love the twilly and the color of it. Enjoy your trip and please let us know what you got ;)