Losing my Hermes Virginity... So young?

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  1. Okay, I want to start this thread off by saying: I am 15. I've been lurking around this Hermes sub-forum a lot lately, Lusting over everyone's amazing collections. I live in a not so fashion-forward town, but I'm going to New York this weekend for a shopping weekend with my mom. I made sure to plan to go to Hermes so that I can (hopefully) see my first birkin in real life. I've been looking on the hermes website for a while, to see if anything catches my eye. I fell in love with THIS twilly. I simply love the colors, as I have bright blue eyes, which adjust to surrounding colors. It will make my eyes pop! I would LOVE to make my frist H-purchase. And I have had a job all summer long, earning money to spend on my trip to new york. I've had a pretty stressfull past couple of days, and I just can't wait to get on a plane, into new york, and onto some shopping!!
    Now, I will be paying for this 100% myself. With money I have earned working a minimum wage job. I deffinantly have enought money to buy this, and a lot of other things in New York, and I wanted to get myself something special and memorable.
    This is a classic, which I will be able to wear for years. So, With this in mind: Should I make my first H-purchase and start on the road of no return?

    Thanks for all your opinions and help!

    ps- If this is in the wrong section, mods feel free to move!
  2. I think the twilly is beautiful! I say go for it! Shopping in NYC with your mom will be wonderful, memorable experience. Enjoy every moment....especially, your first H purchase!
  3. Definitely enjoy yourself in NYC. Making your first H trip with mom will also be memorable and special. The Twilly you selected is lovely. It will be especially meaningful because you earned and saved the money yourself! Wear it proudly and enjoy it.

    One word of caution. Don't spent all your hard earned and saved money on H. Save some for college, a special vacation, an apartment etc.

    Enjoy your trip with mom.
  4. Trip to NY with your Mom sounds very exciting :yahoo:
    The twilly you chose looks lovely and would make a wonderful and timeless souvenir :yes:
    Have a fantastic time and a great visit at H!
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    I think you should...you earned it!

    My mom rarely let me buy expensive things when I was younger (even with my money). She did the right thing, but I just ended up fritting it away on a million little things.

    It is much better to get one good thing than 100 meh things!
  6. ITA with Zoebag. You've worked hard and earned it but be careful not to get overly obsessed as can easily happen with H. Think of this as the first step into a H'filled future. A good education and an ability to support yourself with a well paying career will allow you to indulge as you get older. I.e. Education is more important for you at your age.
  7. must say i dont care for the title of this post--unseemly. reminds me of the recent abortion titled post....
  8. I think a twilly is a perfect way to treat yourself to H, young, colorful, and just the right touch for your age. Not too much, not too little. Enjoy your treat with your hard earned money! I remember saving for my first pair of $60 Guess jeans. It's so FABULOUS to earn and spend as you please. Sure, you have plenty of time to save money, blow it on something you really really love. I still have a Gucci bag from ahem, 7th grade, that is still NOW even fashionable. I saved up for that too...yeah, I've been a purse junkie for oh so long!
  9. Sorry, I wasn't even thinking about that. I can't edit my post, but if a mod would like to change it to: Starting with hermes... too young? or something similar, I wouldn't mind.

    Thanks everyone for all the advice! I showed it to my mom, and she likes it, I will deffinantly be making a stop to the hermes store at looking at it in person, and who knows, maybe I'll be bringing an orange package home with me?
  10. Go for it! :biggrin: Nothing like a little H to reward yourself ;)

    Just remember: you are still young, and there are a lot of other things in life that are much more worth saving for other than a bag: college, an apartment etc. While I think it's great that you can appreciate the brand at such a young age, just be careful not to get sucked into the H vortex and forget the more important things. :smile:
  11. The title is a little wierd, but back to topic...since you earned the money, go for it! Nothing like spending hard earned money on something you really want and knowing you worked hard for it. Enjoy!
  12. That is very pretty. Go for it if you want ! Watch out for those bags though hehe...so amazing! You can really see and feel all the work and passion that went into them. I think that is a good first H purchase though. Just a little something. I don't think you are too young. I'm 17 and I have a few H accessories but I will admit that they were gifts from my father. Just make sure you want to spend your money on this you know ?

    Have fun! Sounds like a really fun time.
  13. I think it is great that you are planning to buy a cute twilly with your own hard earned cash. It will look great as a headscarf, belt, purse decoration, etc and you can enjoy it for years. You surely appreciate how hard you had to work to get it and I am proud of you! Gifts are wonderful, but there is something really special about a precious item you earn for yourself. Keep up your work ethic and your happy spirit and you will do well in life.
  14. I love the twilly. Gorgeous! Congratulations on doing your research, I think it's a classic and a great way to start. Welcome to H!
  15. As long as your mother approves of the purchase, I don't think you're too young at all! You sound like a very responsible young lady. Have a wonderful trip with your mom!