Losing my Balenciaga virginity - but have questions

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm about to lose my Balenciaga virginity in about a week and get a black first (or one size bigger - can't decide), and after reading these boards a bit I see you guys are talking about different years of firsts, and I want to know how the years differ? Also would you recommend getting a first or the one one size up (sorry - not sure of the exact size name!)? I like smaller bags, and I don't like them to overwhelm me and I don't carry a lot of stuff so I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision!:smile::smile:
  2. Oh the size bigger is called the City. :P Does the City come with a shoulder strap? I figure if this bag has been around since around 04 then it'll probably be a classic :biggrin:
  3. Yeah the city has a detachable strap.

    We say the year because each year the leather on the bags differ.

    So like alot of the older ones are really nice leathers, but some of the newer ones are ehhhh. I didnt like my 08 black work too much.
  4. If you don't like bigger bags and don't carry around a lot of stuff on a daily basis, I think the first would be the perfect size for you!
  5. I like the city size the best, but i like to lug around too many things so a first might be great for you. Can you go into a store and try them on to see which size you like best?

    The best leather in my opinion was 2005 and 2007 i think most bags made in those years have great leather that breaks in nicely!

    Also some colours were only made in certain years so i guess it depends on what colour you are looking for?

    Oh and yes the city has a shoulder strap. i think you would be surprised at the size of the city as it seems larger in the pics on this forum than it is in real life.. JMO

    Good Luck
  6. i think the first would be perfect for you since you dont like to carry a lot of stuff! :smile:
  7. I agree, I don't even have a City yet, but I have measured, and thought, wow they look so much bigger in the pics!

    But I do think a First would be a good choice for you, I have one, and its a great size.
  8. Oh! A Black First would be a great first bag!! :tup:
  9. WOW! You guys are so helpful! Also, I know there were problems with the quality in certain style of Miu Miu bags (like the bow bag) with the leather and the sealant, so how is the quality on Balenciaga bags?

    I still haven't decided between a City and First... I feel like a City might be more worth it, but I think I actually like how the first looks better. I'm 5'4" about 100-ish pounds. Maybe I will have to just try them on in person! I've seen the City on Nicole Richie and it actually doesn't look too big on her like I thought it could.
  10. If you can. try them on first. I love the City. It's perfect. The First is too small for me but I'm taller and like to carry a lot in my bags. You can't go wrong with either, both are very popular styles.
  11. I'm 5' 4" WITH 4" heels on (always :P) and 90 lbs and the City is the perfect size. I don't carry much stuff either, so it has that great slouchy effect (mine are both from 2005 and very broken in though). I don't like an over stuffed bag, but if I need to carry more for some reason I have plenty of room to do that. GL with your decision and post pics! :tup: If you can find the thread of people wearing their City that can be really helpful too, but nothing can be better than trying one on for yourself.
  12. We are the same height and weight and I have mostly the city style but my fav is the work...which is even bigger! And yes, the city has a shoulder strap and tend to look bigger in the pictures posted here than IRL. If I were you I´d buy a city.....it looks great on me and I always feel that the first looks too tiny on me:P but that´s just me;) Good luck deciding!

    ps. it´s a really great idea to try the different styles on in person before making your pick!!


  13. I'm around the same height and weight, and I love both the first AND the city! I think the city is more casual-looking (bigger, more slouchy) while the first has a more structured look to it, and transitions better as a day-to-night bag (IMO). Both are great though, and it really just depends on what you looking for in a bag!
  14. you can't go wrong with a first ( i got one and i'm 5ft10 (1.76m?) especiallty if you don't carry much around.As lanier put it, it's more of a day to night bag compared to the city but please, try it on first?