losing my addiction

  1. Yesterday i was at LV with enough money fr whatever bag + wallet + cles i wanted and i left with a utah billfold. this was supposed to be another LV spree, but nothing was screaming at me and i wasnt in love with anything at all! Help! whats wrong with me?
  2. you peaked too soon. maybe because you have WAY too many wallets and only a couple of bags :confused1:
  3. this usually happens when you buy too much too fast and the thrill is....gone. ok, maybe not gone but not as exciting. i usually take time off from lv and not get anything for awhile until something absolutely consumes me!
  4. maybe thats it
    i hope
  5. Save for fall stuff, the bags are great!
  6. I agree with all comments
  7. enjoy what you have !

    Everytime i see my ManhattanGM my heart beats faster.
    And my Azur keepall, gorgeous.

    or, perhaps there is a category you have not purchased before? jewelry, scarf, shoes , luggage, ?
  8. Hey does this mean no KOP meet?
  9. absolutely not! id still LOVE LOVE LOVE *1000 to have a KOP meet omg ow much fun would that be!~?
  10. The addiction comes back, no worries. I kind of lost my love for LV in April, and the lasdt three months fell in love with MJ. Then, I fell in love with a new LV, and my passion for the brand is back in full force. Maybe you just need a little break?
  11. Just wait, there will be new stuff launching for fall and I'm sure some of it will scream out to you again. You probably just have everything you want for the moment.
  12. You haven't lost your addiction, it's just in between the summer and fall launches.....so wait....then you'll be sorry !!!!
  13. Fall items are going to be HOT.

    I always take time off from different designers.
  14. It will come back and you can always diverge into other brands...
  15. just hang in there - i'm sure the thrill will find it's way back to you. And when you get your second wind, your cc better be ready :graucho: