Losing money on my refund!!! !#@%!!! CDN girls, beware!

  1. So I purchased from let-trade and received the wrong bag. Because they're in Hong Kong the whole process between me paying for the bag in the beginning to them refunding me in the end took more than 2 weeks.

    I received my refund today. Originally I had paid $713CDN equivalent in US dollars. Today when I got the refund it as $669CDN!! I lost $44 just due to currency difference! I e-mailed them asking if they could refund me this difference. Even though currency rates are out of their hands, the mistake was theirs (fortunately they refunded my shipping, but considering my time/travel and packaging, I still lost out). Hopefully they will agree to refund it.

    But this is just to tell you guys, be careful!! If you're doing a big purchase and end up having to get a refund back, take a closer look at the money you actually do get back.
  2. Oh yeah, it's a given.

    I'm in the same boat with a pair of boots that UPS seems to have lost.
  3. Hi there, yes you do make a loss on refunds. I recently bought a bag from alovely lady. I loved the bag but one of the hinges was slightly broken and she was horrified she hadnt noticed so she paypalled me a refund plus ten pounds to cover my postage but i still ended up with less because of paypal charges. I didnt say anything because i was just happy she was so understanding and it is not her fault we pay those charges. And she must have paid them too when she received the payment from me. Has anyone else had this problem??
  4. Yes, you do lose some from refunds for transactions in different currencies because of the exchange rates.
  5. I see that let trade charges a 15% restocking fee. Could that be the $$ your missing from your refund?
  6. if it was a refund, then there are no paypal fees associated with it. however, the additional ten pounds would be charged. i hope the seller you bought your item from issued a refund through the original transaction page instead of sending you another payment....
  7. no, that's for other situations like returns because of customer decision. my was a refund from them because they sent me the wrong bag.
  8. If the seller just sent you a payment of the refund-Paypal will take their cut... which unfortunately is probably around what you are missing...
  9. Let-Trade is AWESOME. They just refunded me the difference. Thank god this whole transaction was with them and not a less established/reputable seller who wouldn't/couldn't cover this.

    But yeah, just a heads up to people doing transactions during this time of crazy US/CDN exchange rates. Be extra careful the transaction is right the first time around.
  10. I think my seller just paid me back the amount rather than refunding the transaction. In any case I was pleased she agreed, it was an expensive bag and it would have been awful if she had refused. lol
  11. It's not just that rates go up and down, the buy rate is different to the sell rate and if you have a very strong or very weak currency the difference can be big.
  12. I lost alot more than that returning an item to GB from the US. Then when I bought another bag from the same seller, the currency rate was even worse, so I ended up losing like $200. Argh!
  13. wow...that really sucks...the us currency exchange rate is really bad now too. thanks for the heads up
  14. Good advice and great news about let-trade - really pleasing to hear about such responsive customer service for once!