Losing interest =(

  1. im sorry to be posting something like this, but i think i just need to see if i'm the only one who feels this way. the thing is, the reasons why i chose the bags that i did were for 2 reasons. one is because of the look and the style of course (for some people, this is the only reason), and 2nd, it's because not a lot of people are wearing the bag. i don't know why but i don't like to wear bags that everyone also has :sad: i dont like the fact that i feel this way, but i can't help it! is anybody else feeling this too? for example, when i first got my gucci bag, i rarely saw anybody around me wearing them, and i was totally cool with that. but now, i see them everywhere! and not only that, one of my acquaintances started to claim that she's also a gucci addict, which is fine, but the problem is that the only time i saw her wearing a gucci was only one time, and the saddest part about that is that the bag looked kinda off to me. but she claims she doesn't wear fake :confused1: anyway, sorry for the long post and sorry if i'm sounding unreasonable :sad: what do you guys think?
  2. Seeing everyone with a Gucci and LV on their hands (fake or not) has put me off from buying these popular brands, so I'm always on the look out of something that no one else has.
  3. I don't think you are being unreasonable. However, it really is liberating when you get to the point in life where you don't worry about what other people are doing or what they may think of you. Enjoy what you like and do things that make you happy!
  4. bag-mania - great! ITA
  5. Do whatever makes you happy. We are not here to judge, we are here to listen to everyones opinions!! Do whatever and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable!!

    Don't worry about other people...

  6. I don't have this problem with my bags because i like brands that aren't too popular around me. I am like this with jewelry though. It's not so much about caring what other people think as it's more like I enjoy things that i don't have to see everywhere. You see it all the time, it loses a little bit of the fun to me. I have a piece from tiffany's that I hardly ever wear, but I have necklaces from some of the local jewelers that I wear all the time because I'm not sick of looking at them. (hm i feel like I"ve been babbling. i hope that makes sense. )
  7. I hate when I spend a lot on something like a bag or jewelry then suddenly everyone's got it, 75% of them a knockoff, and it's so cheapened. I also have a Tiffany bracelet which I don't wear much because they just look tacky now.
    I love that people always ask me where I get stuff because I carry lesser known brands like Furla and HH. If I was carrying LV or Gucci people might ask me but they'd probably be expecting me to say Canal St!
  8. You're not being unreasonable at all! It sounds like you enjoy expressing your individuality and sense of style, which is harder to do when everyone else is wearing your signature pieces and you know they're just doing it for show or as a status statement. Certainly an overexposed bag loses some of the latter. But not wanting to have the same look as everyone else in your group, that's because you value your uniqueness.
  9. I do not like to wear purses that I see everywhere.
  10. thank you everyone for your input! im soooo glad you guys understand what im taking about! yes, like LadyLinda said, i just want to be unique and not to have the same look as everyone else. Lily25 and babyjlo mentioned LVs....i do like their styles especially the Speedy 30, but I refuse to buy one because i see it everywhere i turn. gucci didn't used to be like that but now, it's grown a lot in my area the past couple of years. i will always have a spot in my heart for gucci and i'll still wear my fave gucci bag-- my abbey, but i think i may start moving towards the non-logo bags now...
  11. good choice!!
  12. Don’t worry, I think it’s a natural reaction when you realize that the things you like most have lost their novelty. First, we’re flattered when people ask us about what shoes, scent or clothes we’re wearing- but then when we smell the same scent everywhere and one day you’re at the mall and you see twenty other people in a span of one hour wearing the same clothes or shoes and to top it off - carrying the same bag that we do; somehow we have the feeling that we all look alike and we lose our identity.

    I myself want to be unique hence my thread " Bags…as I love em’ "… I want to collect different bags. I would go to work one day on a Louis Vuitton bag and a Trade Joe’s grocery bag the next day. It’s nice to be unique and we should always keep in mind that we all have different tastes and preferences. And as long as we practice “empathy” and respect for other people’s feelings especially here at TPF; we are all ok!;)
  13. Just remember what you buy or wear doesn't make you who you are. Anyone can buy this with money or that or a knock off and say they're all that but that's not important in the end. Money doesn't equal style. I could care less about what other people wear and I think it's rather interesting seeing if some people wear bags I have, etc. If you like it wear it and if you don't, don't. Maybe look into lesser brands other people don't wear if you don't care about the label.
  14. oo hehe I wanted to add it's kinda good you're losing interest cuz you're saving money! I just get more and more into different brands which is a bad thing.
  15. I completely agree with you! When I first started carrying Gucci & especially LV, seemed like only little old ladies carried them. Or someone's mom. I ALWAYS loved them, not b/c everyone else had them, but b/c I just DID. Well, I have 2 of each that I NEVER carry b/c the market is completely saturated with mostly knock-offs of my bags. I carried them b/c I loved them, not b/c I wanted to appear richer than I was or b/c any one of them was the "bag of the moment". I find I don't carry them at all now b/c I don't want people to think that I'm carrying a fake or trying to appear wealthier than I am. I moved on to leather bags that hopefully everyone else won't have EXACTLY like.