Losing hope..

  1. I'm losing hope with finding a Vintage Flowers Saddle Bag! huhu.. Everyday, I check eBay but nothing shows up.. :crybaby:Do you know where else I can find this bag?? I wanted this soo badly.. Together with the pumps..
  2. do you have a photo of this? i am still so new to dior... :p
  3. ^Here you go... Pulled this from the Saddle Up Thread:

  4. OMG, I love the vintage flowers saddle. I'm currently looking for a vintage flowers bag as well. Just purchased a pair of vinatage flowers shoes. I didn't know that they made saddle in this patterns. So beauutifull. I guess there's not much choice now iqaganda. The only thing that are left in this line are the large and small bowler type. And maybe the tote too. BTW, have you arealdy try to call the outlets up?? Keep me posted if you ever find one. TIA.
  5. ^No I haven't... My best bet is only eBay.. I saw some before I got the Hardcore Saddle Bag, but didn't want to bid for it because I'm looking for a Hardcore Saddle Bag first. Now that I'm looking for the Vintage Flower Saddle Bag.. I can't find one! huhuhu...
  6. iqa girlie hang in there one bag i have been waiting for almost a year now and still hasnt showed up....:yes:
  7. ^LoL.. Really? Awww.. I guess I have to wait long too. LOL. (I hope I can see some saddle bag pop out from the second hand shops here in HK.. I just saw a boston vintage flowers bag just like mine here.. But I don't want 2 almost different bags.. That's why I wanted the saddle..)