Losing Hope...

  1. I have been desperatly looking for a LV globe shopper in the PM size since seriously this past August with no luck. I check all of the auction sites almost daily w/ no luck. I recently got the idea to just special order one but I found out it needed to be discontinued for 3 years. So my question, does anyone have any other ideas for me? I cant even tell you why I want this bag so much, but I really do so any suggestions would be amazing! I'm willing to look pretty much anywhere!
  2. Aw...I'm so sorry! But hang in there, one will come along with your name on it *hugs*
  3. Hope you get your hands on the LV globe shopper in the PM size real soon.
  4. I have seen a couple on eBay, over the past couple of days. keep checking
  5. Thanks for the nice words everyone!!

    LVobsessed - you've seen the PM size on eBay?? I've only seen the MM
  6. I've seen a few PMs since August on Let-Trade and PoupetteLuxe. One yellow and mostly bordeaux. They're sold out on Japanese auctions sites as well. You and I are both on the hunt since about the same time!! Haha
  7. glad to hear im not alone! my dream one would be blue though....hehe
  8. I'll keep my eyes open for you...hope you find one soon!
  9. Did LV say you have to wait three years after an item is discontinued to SO it? I thought LV wouldn't SO any item that is discontinued. ?????
  10. Hope you find one soon!
  11. Don't worry. One will pop up when the time is right.
  12. I hope you find one, LV will not let you SO a discontinued item, ever.
  13. ^ That is what I thought - because I have tried with no luck.
  14. Have you checked let-trade... you can ask them if they can find you one! I hope you find one soon! Good luck!
  15. I thought I have seen one in Let Trade? But not sure if its a pm. Check that out!