losing big to win a cruise

  1. I can't believe it but at my job, they are starting a competition. they are selecting 4 teams to compete and the winner wins a carribbean cruise for two for each of the 5 members of the team.

    I am in a team and we have submitted out application. I hope we get selected. even if we do not win the cruise, we will still win.

    Will keep you updated.

    Good bye extra pounds because sexy momma is comming home:yahoo: :yahoo:

    i do realise that winning a cruise should not be the main motivator. My team members and i have all been working diligently to loose the weight and we have all made progress. coincidently, this competiton was posted. this is just another motivator to give us that extra push.:yes:
  2. That is sooooo coool! Good luck.. I hope your team wins!! it's a win win situation.

    How will they measure that? By weight alone or by BMI (body mass index)?
  3. I want a cruise as motivation to lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i am not really sure as of yet. we will find out on august 2 when we weigh in.
  5. WOW. Best of luck to you and the team! Love :heart: cruises. :yes:
  6. Wow - that is such a great incentive to lose weight. I wish my company would do something like that!

    Good luck!
  7. AHHH! LUCKY! im going on a caribbean cruise next month, been trying to cut bacxk etc. lol
  8. What an awesome incentive!!!! I will all the best of luck...winning a cruise would be a fabulous reward!!!

    Good Luck!! And you know that if you need any support all of PF girls are here for you! :flowers:
  9. i have never been on a cruise:shame:

  10. my company has been working really hard to motivate and promote good health. no too long ago they did a makeover contest of part one and part two. the after pictures were just stunning of everyone.
  11. just got the news unofficially, but my team did not get selected.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. I'm sorry hugs