Losing aloottta hair. :(

  1. I have been experiencing but hair loss recently...:sad:

    Every time I brush my hair, I lose hair.
    Every time I shower, I lose hair.
    I have to clean up my hair from the drainage thing everyday.

    My floor AND my brushes are covered with hair too.

    It could be stress or maybe the shampoo I am using is not good?

    Does anyone have any recommended vitamins or anything?
    I already take some vitamins ( Endocrine Complex) but I am very on & off on it. Some days I remember to take them, and other days I just put it off.

    I stopped coloring my hair for a few months now too.
  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I really think you should go and see your doctor though. It could be a form of alopecia (sp?). This can be stress related but in any event the doctor will be able to advise of medication that can help.

    My friend suffered with this and it was stress related. It was bad for a while but now she has a full glossy head of hair! Her doctor was wonderful and supportive.

    I wish you luck but PLEASE go and see your doctor!:heart:
  3. I will consider a doc if I start to see bald spots but none of that yet?

    I have been really stressed out these past 2-3 months bc of school & work issues. I even realized just last nite that I developed a wrinkle above my nose! That was NEVER there before! ( I'm barely 21 yrs old) I freaked out & put on anti-wrinkle creme on that and went to sleep and told myself to relax!

    I bleached the whole inside layer of my hair almost exactly a year ago and a year later my hair is STILL stretchy & weak. I have laid off any coloring for about 2-3 months now.

    It doesn't look THAT bad now bc I colored my whole head black already so you can tell much damage.

  4. I had a similar experience that went on for about a year and it was really upsetting me. My drain was always clogged up, my brush and comb were full of hair, and clumps seemed to just fall out into my hands if I touched it. Turns out my hair wasn't in very good health. I had been coloring it myself and just using any old shampoo and conditioner on it. I actually trimmed it myself.

    But now I have found a wonderful hair stylist. She has given my hair a couple of protein treatments, colored and highlighted properly, trimmed it the right way and taught me which shampoos and products to use.

    It didn't take long for it to get healthy again and stop falling out and breaking off. It was in good shape after about two months. I go see her every three to four weeks now.
  5. I heard that pantene uses lacquer in their products to give hair that shine, but of course in the long run does some damage. I also have hair in the shower, floor, and brush. But now that I think of it, it has lessened since I switched to Joico. But I think I read somewhere that we loose about 100 strands of hair a day. I remember it because I thought that it sounded like a lot.
  6. my doctor just told me that if you have been really stressed out you might experience hair loss couple of months later.
  7. After I gave birth my hair started falling out. But I do think stress can do it as well.
  8. Some hair loss is normal. I think we can easily shed 100-200 hairs a day from the 100,000 plus strands we have.

    I agree about stress and bad products. Also, what type of hairbrush do you use??? I swear by 100% boar hair bristles for less breakage. And don't overbrush.
  9. If you're noticing bald spots, that might be alopecia. I had it off and on for years as a kid until I just lost all of it for a few years.

    If there are bald spots, go see the doctor about it. :smile:

    Edit: oops, should have kept reading. Doesn't sound like anything to worry about then.
  10. i am 23 years old and have noticed the same thing!!! it felt like it was getting worst and worst, i was almost clogging the drain after ever shower............it def. has alot to do with stress and making sureyour body has the right nutirents and vitamins
  11. I would also really look into diet. Are you eating enough, geting enough vitamins, healthy in general?
  12. When I was 19 I also had alopecia for 3 months during the fall. I didn't realize it at first. I started seeing hair all over my car, my pillows. It got so bad I would run my hand through my hair and literally have an entire handful! I started keeping track and I had 7 of those gallon zip bags of my hair!!! My thyroid was ok, all my bloodwork was fine. The only thing I did different was start a birth control pill that had levonogestrel in it (tri levlen) about four months prior. Well, I stopped the pill and within a month I had no more hair loss and haven't since (that was 7 years ago).
  13. Stress.....my sister lost sooo much hair right before she started college and all throughout that semester. Once she got used to school her hair grew back. Take a look at everything in your life and see if its really worth stressing over. Also look into some yoga classes, get some candles and what not....do talk to a dr. and hopefully they agree that its stress too because if they put you through a batter of tests that could be stressful as well.

    hope everything gets better
  14. I would definitely go to the dermatologist and get your thyroid checked just to be sure. I know how devestating this is, I began losing a ton of hair last fall, and in the process of trying to "fix" it, I just wound up losing more hair due to overwashing it and trying all these different products (that didn't work). This happened last October and I am still having to pull my hair back everyday because I have all these uneven patches of hair.
    My dermatologist said my problem was stress-induced, I had been having an awful time at work and was going through a break-up with my bf of 4 years.
    I hope it gets better for you soon, I know it's "just hair" to some people, but I know how upsetting it truly is!
  15. Yeah I just learned that thyroid and hormones can influence hair loss and stress. For the thyroid/homone if you can find an endocrinologist they specialize in that area. I went to one who was balancing both thyroid along with hormones I was taking . . . and seemed to have more knowledge than an internist.