Losing a small amount of weight by exercise

  1. Hi everyone...I'm a pretty small person but I have never been in shape. I am 5'2 and although I wear a small size in clothing I still have a pretty high percentage of body fat I think- my body is soft especially in my thighs and stomach. I think my "ideal weight" would be just a little bit lower. I'm thinking that losing 5 lbs through exercise would be enough for me, but I seriously don't know how to do it! I've never been one to work out hahaha

    I have bad knees so can only do the elliptical trainer machine at the gym.. But how often should I be working out? How long until I would see results? How often should I be doing cardio v. weights? I'm so baffled and would appreciate any help. Thanks! :smile:
  2. If you join the gym you should meet with a trainer and they'll guide you on what workouts are best for you since you have bad knees.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. cardio just cuts the calorie intake for the day.

    Strength training helps tone ---

    And to get lower a fat %, you have to eat more healthy in addition to weight training and cardio.

    most gyms have an orientation w/ a trainer... they'll be able to help you out.
  4. both cardio and weights are the only way to get the results you want, in addition to imroving your diet.
    But don't let it overwhelm you.
    Start by committing to something you can definitely follow through on.
    Like, commit to no fried foods anddrinking more water and commit to doing the elliptical or bike for 45 minutes 3/week and lifting weights 2 of the day you go.
    If you start small and meet your goals it's REALLY empowering and motivating:yes:
    If you eat slightly better and start doing cardio, you'll see the weight # drop pretty much instantly.
    You'll start to see physical results in around 4 weeks.
  5. Thanks! I would love to meet with a trainer but I don't have a gym membership- my apartment building has a fabulous gym so I don't want to spend extra $$$ to go somewhere else. I have a friend who is a trainer, maybe I'll ask for her help. I just don't want to be skinny fat anymore! Because I look good in most clothes but then I look horrible in a bikini.