Losing A Bank Charge-Back Claim

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  1. Has anyone ever taken losing a bank charge-back claim with paypal to the next level? Paypal suggested that I take it up with the police department where the buyer lives. Has anyone ever called a police department regarding someone basically stealing a bag? I have a feeling they would laugh and hang up the phone.
  2. OK, here's the situation at hand with purchases & "stealing" a bag from someone via Ebay-

    Not knowing the specifics of the situation & generally applying the law (each state's law varies in the USA), here are the basics:

    You as a seller have entered into a buy-sell contract with the buyer when the buyer won the item. The buyer paid, you sent the item. The buyer then somehow got their money back AND still kept the bag. This is not considered a criminal case, but a civil one (yes, it's a bit confusing as to why the law see it this way, but that's how it works in this particular situation). The buyer has broken the buy-sell contract by keeping the bag AND taking back the $ they had initially paid. You would have to take up your situation via Small Claims Court (I'm assuming this is less than $2500...although the maximum amount to be able to sue via Small Claims changes from state to state). Another thing to consider is where the buyer is located, this would determine where you would file the claim & what steps you need to take to try to recoup the $, not the bag. Small Claims cannot make someone physically do something, therefore all judgements must have a monetary value to them.

    I hope I helped somehow.:thinking:
  3. ^^ Much help!:tup:
  4. good luck with that thief! i hate seeing this happen too often :sad:
  5. good luck! I really hope it works out for you!!! keep us updated!
  6. This buyer lives in Brooklyn and it was a LV Speedy. Maybe I'll be on Judge Judy. :tup:
    She'd take care of this thief!
    Thanks for all the information provided and for the moral support. The sad thing is, PayPal says there is nothing we as sellers can do to protect ourselves from bank charge-backs. This sucks!
  7. ^^ Good luck with your case, Prissy!! I hope you get on Judge Judy!! These scammers need to be stopped!!
  8. If I have known better that there is nothing PayPal can do to protect sellers, I would never enter any of transaction using PayPal or eBay. It likes they are telling you, hey, we charge you a fee to sell your item, but if the buyer takes it and run miles away, it's your job to chase after them, it's will be a fun game for us (PayPal and eBay) to watch, we will cheer for both of you to see who win.

    I know there are stories from both sides, both buyers and sellers sometimes got cheated too, and they should be fair for both parties. I really don't know much about cc charge back yet, I am going to know very soon 'cause I have a trouble maker in hand to deal with right now, but can you sue the cc company if they didn't take a proper step to make sure things are right? How can PayPal just give them back the money w/o consulting you? It's your account and your money anyway, and they are not regulated by government, I don't think so... Even if they are, do you need police involved if you consider the seller is selling fake or criminal or anything... I mean, I am already in their game, the run has started, I just have to run... hahahaha...