losing 45 lbs HOW?

  1. I am not good with diets. I tried the Atkins diet for 6 hours once and that was it- could not take it. I am breastfeeding so I can't take pills (although they have never worked for me). I weigh about 170 and want to get down to 125-128. Any suggestions? I am not a salad for dinner type of person.
  2. I think the key is a combo of diet and exercise. You don't have to go OTT dieting at all. You gotta get movin though. Is there a way you can take your baby out walking or are you a member of a gym?
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    Yes, taking the baby out to walks in her stroller is a good idea to start with I think.
  4. Starting with walking and pushing that stroller will get you motivated!
  5. Sorry in advance, long post...

    First of all I would say if you can find a buddy that you can exercise with or monitor weight loss goals with that would be great, even if it's online, for support. Unfortunately, there really are no quick fixes for weight loss which clearly it sounds like you understand. Fad diets like the Atkins, South Beach, etc may work for a short period of time but they are not meant to be lifelong. Instead, set up a reasonable diet for yourself. It wouldn't even have to be anyting fancy except for setting up a 1200 calorie diet or so. Or even as simple as 6 small meals a day. Or meet with a nutrionist (most gyms have them you can meet with) to set up something you can handle. It's important to remember it's a lifestyle change and not just a one time thing. Assess what you eat. Too much soda? Limit it. Not enough veggies? Throw some in. The breastfeeding will be to your advantage as you are burning extra calories.

    As for exercise, slowly integrate it and it doesnt have to be anything fancy. I'm sure with a newer baby you are running around more. Take baby for a walk in the stroller. Get some cardio in somehow, wherever you can. You have to even things out so that your intake of food and output of energy balance more. And stay healthy with things. A good weight loss in 2 pounds a week. If you are able to do some cardio and even weight training (even just free weights) you could get that weight off in not too long of time.

    There is so much info on the forum keep doing searches seeing what diets have worked for people or ideas about exercising. Important thing to do is stay focused, have a support person, and keep things healthy. Good luck and sorry for such a novel!;)
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    I agree with the stuff Orchid said. But the main point is to just start moving your body- start sweating and keep breastfeeding.

    Set small goals and keep focused in any way possible.:woohoo:
  7. I totally agree with you about diets not working. I KNOW I have to change my lifestyle by getting enough sleep so I can have the energy to workout like I need to. I am also slowly getting out of the "I just had a baby" mentality and stop eating the junk food!!
    I will start again once I eat all the junk food- can't waste good food!!!
  8. I agree with what everyone else said, and, have you thought about Weight Watchers? I swore I'd never do it, but after my weight ballooned when I was pregnant, and then wouldn't go down, I finally sucked it up, gave up the fad diets (and I'd tried ALL of them), and went for the lifestyle change. I went from 185 to 140 in less than 6 months on WW while I was breastfeeding, and had absolutely no trouble at all. And that was before I started working out again.

    I stopped WW and crept back up to 150, but I knew I was gaining and didn't really try to stop myself. I just started again and this time I'm on track to make 115 (though I'll be happy at 125).

    Is there anything you can set as a reward for yourself? I've promised myself a black Chanel flap in the spring if I can keep this up enough to get to 125 by then.
  9. try jenny craig. the food is delicious and it's not salad for dinner kind of food. plus witha nursing baby it's easy to just microwave and go. (but check with your dr and see what they say about it). i also did ww and it worked until i gained it back.
  10. I would start by not eating all the junk food. Let the rest of the family not dieting eat it or give it away. I gave away all our extra halloween candy just to get it out of the house - it didn't go to waste. We try hard not to buy junky food anymore but sometimes the kids want 'reasonably' unhealthy things so we oblige in small quantities & just restrain ourselves.
  11. I second joining Weight Watchers. It is not a fad diet. It teaches you to change your lifestyle, which will keep you at your desired weight once you have finished losing.
  12. Exactly! It teaches you how to eat better, but still eat the things you want. I kept it all off for more than a year, too, but then I made a concious decision when I went on vacation this July to eat whatever I wanted (fried stuff, as much chocolate as I wanted, etc.) with the intention that I'd get back on track after I'd had my fun. So I've restarted, and for once, I actually feel like I'm in control of everything, which I never have before. I should be back down to 140 by Thanksgiving, and I intend to keep going from there this time.
  13. As soon as your baby is old enough to use it (around 6 months) get a jogging stroller and get out there and run! the bigger your baby gets, the more work you have to do to push the stroller! Combine that with sensible eating... lots of fiber, lots of water and sensible protein and it will work! Not overnight, but you will see results after a few weeks.
  14. Exercise. Weight is something you have to sweat off. You have to integrate it into your lifestyle, though, because few people who lose a lot of weight keep it off long term without if they don't keep up with the habits that allowed them to lose in the first place. You have to look at it like: I'll be watching my eating habits and exercising regularly for the rest of my life, but I'll be a lot healthier for it! Also, you mentioned you tried Atkins. The news shows overwhelmingly that deprivation type diets don't work. You can eat almost anything you want in moderation, balancing it with an active lifestyle is key. Also look into lifting weights or doing some type of resistance exercise. You build muscle, which in turn has the ability to replace your fat, which tones your body and makes you look a whole lot better. Muscle also burns more calories at rest than fat does...so if you do weights on a regular basis and build muscle, your metabolism will increase and stay that way even on days when you don't exercise. I've been doing cardio and weights for about 3 weeks and I've lost five pounds already. I expect to lose a lot more, even though I haven't really changed my eating habits.
  15. I join those who advocate WW. After seeing how well, it worked for my sisters, I started it in 2005 and lost 70 lbs. in a year. Two years later, I've kept all off but about 10 lbs (it goes up and down), so I start counting points again on Monday.

    Also, I work out at least 3 days per week and both weekend days, when possible. Good luck!!