Losing $2300 on a bag

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  1. I bought a bag recently and it wasnt as described.

    In the paypal dispute I stated i would accept a partial refund if I could keep the bag.

    Now the dispute is closed, i have sent back the bag and paypal has closed it stating i get a refund of only $450!

    what are my options now that its closed? I will lose $2350 + about $120 in post. PLease please assist.

    Its unfair for the seller to receive the bag and profit $2300US :sad:
  2. ^ Wait, you sent the bag back even though you were only requesting a partial refund?


    Did you originally pay with CC?
    Did you get tracking when you sent the bag back?
  3. Hi there, sorry to hear about what happened to you. I dont understand why they just gave you $450? what was wrong with the bag?
  4. You need to call paypal ASAP and tell them that you've sent the bag back. They should reverse the partial refund decision and just give you a refund, providing that you have proof of shipment.
  5. Did you agree to a partial refund of $450? and sent the bag back?? I'd call them and explain that you have returned the bag.
  6. I sent the bag back based on PP's request as they advised to do so

    I paid through CC via PP

    There was no tracking but confirmation it was sent.
  7. It wasnt as described. I dont understand why they gave me a partial refund when i sent it back. They just closed the case about 2 hours ago and i logged into my email and saw it.

  8. Can they still reverse it even though its closed?

    I only agreed to a partial refund IF i could keep the bag. It wouldnt be reasonable to send it back and lose over $2k. I hope PP can see the logic. Its 3.30am here so they dont open for another 2.5 hours.
  9. Were you eligible for buyer protection? Is that all they had in their account.

    Call Paypal NOW.
  10. ^ Yes, I've had a case reversed. You just need to be persistent. Once someone hears the situation though, they have to understand this is not right. I am confused about why they told you to send the bag back yet only gave you a partial. Have you called them yet?? I'd get on that right now.
  11. I was eligible according to the emails they sent.

    I dont understand that either. Fingers crossed they understand and give me a full refund. Just over 2 hours before they open and I can call up. Its a relief to hear they do in some cases reverse transactions.
  12. If PP tells you they're not going to give you a full refund, then contact your CC company and provide them the tracking info for your return so you can do a chargeback.
  13. Call PP right away and even if you have to stay on the phone a long time, get this straightened out. They may not realize what happened here. And it IS confusing. Hope you got signature confirmation delivery for the bag sent back? I still don't understand what happened exactly.:nuts:
  14. Sounds like a misunderstanding on PP's part. You need to call them right away and explain.
  15. It might be your seller's account has that much fund right this second. When I had a INR case, I only received the money that my seller had on his account at that moment. I ended up disputing with my CC and recovered it all. Don't panic. Not only you have recourse of Paypal but also your CC!