Loser bags...

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  1. So what is tragically unhip these days? I have tendencies to be the unhipster so would like to know. :wlae: My purses are mainly Coach so ?
  2. This is a totally personal choice! For me, with apologies as needed, it's Vera Bradley. I JUST DON'T GET IT. I see them everywhere and I have trouble respecting that sort of mindless trend following. Also, IMO, Aigner. It used to be the "it" brand in the early 80s--around here at least--but now when I see it I think "Hello? high school was over like 20 years ago!"
  3. hmm...belt/bum bags...but LV has some new ones out so maybe they'll come back into style...eeks...
  4. agreed with the vera bradley bags... in my friends..we dont like coach... we dont like those large hobos with the "knot as a strap." we dont like...sequin bags.. blechh theres alot more...
  5. I don't know....here where I live, all the soccer moms carry their Vera Bradley's with the occasional Coach. They kind of sneer at me when I show up with one of my fun balenciaga's. Whatever!! It is all personal taste.

    Agree with Missbabydolce; those sequin bags are just nasy.
  6. oy yeaaaaaa!!!!!! theres this ugly ugly ugly bag that i saw at the mall the other day!

    they were jeans that was shaped into a structured purse.. the handles were beaded handles[like evening bags]

    o yea.. and also the bags in the shape of the upper portion of a woman... and the lower END of a woman.... those freakk me out
  7. All the above so far! But I have some coach accessories that I adore though, like my hair scarves, coin purse, wristlet, agenda and westie fob like my little westie. I don't think coach consitutes as a loser bag, they have great bags, just not for me.
  8. Hmmm...I don't know about tragically unhip, not since high school did I care enough about what others thought, to think about hip...lol...

    I know what I don't like...I can echo the vera bradley...yuck! I swear I could run up something, in about 15 minutes on the sewing machine that would be better, because I could certainly pick better fabric.

    I don't care for Goyard at all, either.
  9. Coach has some really nice designs, so i don't consider them "loser" bags. I don't like Vera Bradley either. Those sequin hobo bags are awful too!
  10. I don't know if I would call any particular bags "loser bags." Everyone has their own taste whether we like them or not and to each their own.
  11. "Loser bag" Wasn't there a better way to phrase your question? With 10,000 people on this forum, everyone is going to have very different tastes, there's no reason to insult a person's choice by calling a certain brand "loser."
  12. The only "loser bag" I can think of are knock off's. My first bag was the Hampton Scribble coach && I loved it. Took it EVERYWHERE && it even had it's own desk in all my college classes. But with my new mini lin on the way I'm thinking that my Coach bag will take a back seat. I'm so sick of seeing knock off's @ my college that I might throw something hard @ the next person I see with them.

  13. agreed .. no one should take this thread offensivley... we are just expressing our opinions soits okkkk;)

    i also dont like logo[ed] handbags.... and "designers" that get inspiration from other designers :biggrin:
  14. I used to really like Dooney & Bourke, but in the last few years since they started marketing to middle-class teenagers, I've been really turned off to all those icky rainbow colours. If I were 16 I'd probably go for them in a minute, but not these days. But that's just me.
  15. im 15 and i wouldt go for them.... ^^