Lose Weight by Thanksgiving!

  1. You don't have to put your weight if you don't want to hun! I'm 5'4. :smile:
  2. You are doing wonderful.
  3. I am trying to walk more while the weather is still warm. I lost my exercise partner so I am not in a hurry to go to the gym by myself.
  4. So far after breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks I'm at 1148cals, burned 600 while working out so will prly eat another snack or so before bedtime, but its been a great day. Hopefully my legs arent so sore tomorrow so I can do some running at the gym :biggrin:
  5. Great job Annette and AJ.
  6. I'm joining this thread too! I don't know my weight and I don't want to know; I'm just going on how my clothes fit (or don't fit as the case may be!). I'm still on the diet I was on in the Labor Day thread.

    My goal is to be able to fit into the most recent pair of jeans I bought before I go on holidays at the beginning of November.

    Off to the gym shortly. :biggrin:
  7. I need to lose 20lbs, I've gained 15-20lbs recently. Yikes I'm not shooting for anything crazy I'd be happy with just 10lbs. I swear it's easier to gain than to lose.
  8. I'm in too! Nice to see some of the ladies from the Labor Day thread back, plus lots of new motivated folks. I weighed in today at 132.5, which was up from last week on the Labor Day thread (not surprising since I've been sick and eating crap.) That still means about a 9 lb loss since I joined that thread in July. I'd love to lose at least 5 more during this one, hopefully a bit more to get down to 125.

    Good start to getting back on track today, ate well, about 1200-1300 calories. Pleased because I managed to front load most of it into breakfast, which is a challenge for me.

    Lots of exercise since I had two trainer sessions today (old trainer is always on Wed., new trainer is supposed to be M/F but we didn't meet Monday bc of the holiday and today was the only day we could reschedule to and I didn't want to cancel with the other trainer.) Also did 20 minutes on the stair master beforehand to warm up. We shall see if I am too sore to function tomorrow.
  9. Guys! Can I still join? I was on the May 1st challenge but obviously I didn't follow through.

    I'm 5'2" and I should be around 88kg (roughly 194lbs) and 29yrs old. I haven't weighed myself recently but will update once I do to get a good reference point.

    I've taken up a spin class three days a week for the last two months (have not missed ANY!) and half-assedly following a Weight Watchers diet. I promise to be good once I get back from my mini-vacation at the parental home this coming Tuesday!
  10. Can I join? I'd like to lose around a pound a week until Thanksgiving. I to am in the would rather not put my start weight though.
    I've been doing C25K and mixing in other things
  11. Thank you! :smile:
  12. Nice to see more ppl joining! Just had some cereal for breakfast, heading to the gym in a bit :smile:
  13. so far today I had a 200 cal breakfast with whole weat cereals,skim milk,unsweetened cocoa and stevia,half a roasted chicken for lunch (should have had grapes,but here it was local market day and chicken smell was everywhere lol),and unsweetened grapefruit juice..looking forward to dinner and a good green tea before bed!
  14. How do you make your green tea. My dh made a cup the other day and it tasted like cow dung[not that I have ever tasted that]. I wonder if he let's it steep to long.
  15. I'm lazy,so I just microwave the water until it's around 70/75c° (as it say on my green tea package) and just let the leaves in the water for about 2 minutes..it tastes good to me,sometimes I use a tiiiny bit of honey to sweeten it,sometimes nothing :p
    forgot to add that you are supposed to rinse the green tea leaves before putting them in the hot water,so they open up and you rinse a bit of the strong taste away