Lose Weight by Thanksgiving 2013

  1. I started a couple of 'lose weight by...' threads last year. Since May last year I've lost 30lb. I have another 10lb to go and so far, weight loss this year has been a washout. Over the past couple of weeks I've put on 3.5lb and I've realised just how easy it would be for me to pile all the weight back on. I don't want to be that person again.
    I plan to start making healthy choices again and move more. I need some support and the threads were really helpful, making me accountable.
    Anyone want to join me? Please post - I don't want to feel I am struggling alone :smile:
  2. I applaud you for the weight loss! I'm at an age where it seems almost impossible to lose--I'm over 60, and the metabolism has slowed down so much. Plus (excuses, excuses) my bad back and arthritis make it uncomfortable to exercise. Then when I feel stress, I turn to eating.

    I'll keep up in this thread with you, clever, and maybe we can lose some weight with encouragement from each other and anyone else who wants to share. I have so much to lose, though. It would probably be better if I look at smaller amounts at a time. Overall, I should lose at least 60 pounds.
  3. I'm in. I agree with you CleverCat. Accountability helps me to stay on track.

    I am finding summer to be much harder then I anticipated. I am fine if I cook all of my meals, but socializing and dining out are challenging even though I know what to eat.

    Thanksgiving is a little over 17 weeks away. (I just counted :smile: So, my goal is to be down 35 lbs by then, a realistic 2 lbs per week. I committed to Bob Harper's The Skinny Diet a little over a week ago and will continue to use his menus and guidelines. It is a food plan I can live with.
  4. Me! I'm here.

    I'm down almost 30lbs from the beginning of the year. I did really good from Jan-March and then fell off the wagon for Apr-May and have been running and eating well these last 2 months. and have another 30 to go... I'm hoping to get rid of it over the next 6 months.
  5. Count me in. I lost 25 pounds but after a year in college put on most of it back. I'm starting kickboxing classes next week. I'm not sure what other form of exercises to do. Currently my diet consists of a heavy lunch of veggies and meat/fish and fruits and crackers with cheese for dinner.
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    Oh yaay, I'm not alone! Hai, boxermom! :wave:
    I am with you on the stress eating. Well, you know what I've been through this year - I am not one of those people who gets stressed and has the weight fall off them. I eat. I found myself turning to Pret a Manger Chocolate Brownies. Total emotional comfort in a bar....evil things.
    Anyway. When I started this, I felt exactly the same as you do now. The amount I needed to lose felt insurmountable, like I'd never get there, so why bother starting. I would look at myself in mirrors - from the neck up, and from the legs down - the bit in the middle, well I was in denial about that for the longest time.
    For me, it's not about deprivation. I have such a fear of going hungry (long story short - I grew up in a very unstable home, with a Mum who had serious issues with food. End result, I was always, always the skinny, hungry one and when I grew up and moved out, I vowed I'd never let that happen to me again) and my 'aha' moment happened when I picked up a book by Dr Neil Barnard. No calorie counting, no points, eat as much as you want, as long as you eat vegan (not a problem as I am transitioning from vegetarian) and low fat. He also wrote that you could lose weight without exercising - I was sold!
    I set a small target, to lose 2lbs in the first fortnight. Then a bigger one, to lose 10% of my initial body weight.
    As I lost weight, I started to move more. Walked everywhere, got myself a dance DVD, used my Step a couple times a week.
    Just need to get back on track now - it's been way too easy to pick up something unhealthy and snack on it - I need to get some discipline back.....
  7. Welcome, everyone. Seventeen weeks to healthier bodies!
  8. Me too me too!

    I have two kids under 4 and I dream of getting back into my pre pregnancy jeans. 15 lbs by thanksgiving will get be half way to my goal.

    Started an hour of walking alternated with rowing last week. Plan is to continue with that 5 times a week and build up to jogging 5k and rowing 5k by the end of the year. If I can do that I will consider myself fit, even if I can't fit into my skinny-me jeans!
  9. I don't know if this is the right word--*mindfulness*--I need to be more mindful about my eating. I can almost eat without being aware of it. Grab the nearest, fastest food that will go into my mouth and at the end of the day, I wonder what happened?!

    I'm thinking I need to go back to writing everything down (that I eat). At least it's on paper and I can't delude myself into thinking I'm not eating that much.

    Thinking about childhood--I was from a family that forced us to clean our plates whether we were full or not. At least that was a mistake I did not repeat with my own kids.

    clever--do your kittehs let you exercise in the house? Sabo always gets in the way. Maybe he needs a bit of crate time if I'm doing exercises.
  10. Boxermom - have you tried useing MyFitnessPal? It's an app that will help you keep count of your daily calorie balance sheet.
  11. Weight watchers is hands down the best program. If you go to meetings you are 3x more likely to lose weight. I lost 60 pounds on the program.
  12. Count me in :smile: My FitBit should be here tomorrow and I'm starting WW with a friend on Tuesday. I have never weighed this much before (even when I was pregnant) and I'm just hating how awful I feel. And well I have all these great clothes I can't wear either...lol.
  13. I've heard of it and saw some article that rated it highly for help in a fitness/nutrition program. Thanks! I had forgotten about it.
  14. I'll join you! Trying to get to my goal weight before the new year.
    I start back jogging 4 miles a day/ 5 days a week tomorrow.
  15. With your back and your arthritis, have you ever considered anything like water aerobics? I have never done it but I think it would be hard to go without any exercise. I do Jazzercise and while I haven't lost a single pound, I feel so much better when I do it. I have sculiosis (spell) and if I don't move often enough, my back starts to hurt. Just an idea.