Lose weight by Spring!

  1. Having the Thanksgiving and Christmas threads really helped me to focus on being healthy and losing weight.
    I thought if I start this one early, I am less likely to eat and drink myself stupid over New Year :p - I put on 2lb over Christmas (really hoping most of that is water weight....but pretty sure it isn't. Stupid delicious treats - also my willpower took itself off on its own holiday break, it seems....) and want to get back on track right now.
    So - I have 12lb to lose by March 20th, the first day of Spring.
    When I get there, I will be at my lowest weight since my teens. I've lost 2 stone since May 28th this year, just by eating a healthy, low-fat diet and moving more.
    Who else is in? What are your goals? How are you planning to achieve them?
    Like the other threads, this is the place to come and shout about success, offload when you have a bad day (or week) and encourage everyone else on their weight loss journeys.
    Good luck, everyone!
  2. First off, congrats on your great weight loss :yahoo:
    I will be joining you. Need to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Less crappy food, more fruits and veggies and doing more cardio and weight lifting.
    Good luck to us all!!!
  3. I'm in! I also would like to lose another 12 lbs by March 20. It's about 12 weeks away, so a pound a week seems reasonable.

    I really need to buckle down and start exercising daily again. My weight loss has been going very well - I was usually losing about 1.5 lbs/week and it was pretty consistent, but for the past month or so it's slowed to about half a pound per week (and this week, no loss at all). I've been traveling and busy a lot this past month, so I've been slacking on exercise, and though I'm still eating relatively healthy, I've been indulging a bit too much with alcohol.

    So I'm going to re-commit to my healthy eating and exercise plan that was consistently helping me lose before. Plus I feel much better overall when I exercise consistently!
  4. I'm in. I'm down to the last and (for me) worst five pounds.

    I realize it's not much in terms of numbers, but it's the worst because it's that pad of fat around the midline that is hard to budge. It will never be completely gone, but I'm aiming for the more realistic goal of just getting it down to something more personally bearable.
  5. I haven't looked at the scale, I just know that I've gained a few lbs since my bf got back from deployment (I think they're called "love pounds" :p) I lost my stomach definition, but all those romantic dinners were totally worth it.

    This won't be easy, but it's not complicated either. Balanced diet (1/3 fat 1/3 protein and 1/3 carbs in proper proportions) with No processed food except during cheat meals (2-3 a week - I can't avoid going out to eat, and I work out enough to burn them off), do something active at least once a day (Pilates + running or Crossfit) and more focus on lengthening my muscles. My Pilates trainer says I'm already strong so too much weightlifting would make my muscles bulky.
  6. March 1st is 9 weeks away. It would be great if I could be down 15lbs by then.

    I plan to continue juicing and getting back to watching what I eat. I've recently started rebounding and quite like it. I bought an inexpensive rebounder to try as I didn't know if I'd like it and I now want to buy one for a few hundred dollars as you really do get what you pay for when it comes to rebounders.

    I love cheese more than any other food and it is major contributor to the extra calories I consume so I really need to cut back and really be aware when I have cheese.

    I just downloaded myfitnesspal so need to get my account set up and I need to make sure I use it. Tracking and seeing everything and looking foods up before eating them really helps me.
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    I'm currently doing weight watchers and I'd like to be 24lbs or around 1 and a half stone lighter! I definitely want to achieve my 10% weightloss goal!
  8. I'm in on this I would like to lose 21 pounds by then I am going to Dubai in feb so would like to be bikini ready well err more than I am now lol I have a lot of weight to lose :/
  9. Love pounds are worth it. And you can burn them off. :smile:
  10. I've got 30 to lose in total. I think I can lose 10-15 by March 20. I'm starting South Beach Jan. 2nd.
  11. A few years ago I lost just over 50 pounds and managed to keep it off until the past 6 months or so due to work stress and general unhappiness. My first goal will be to lose the 20 pounds that I gained so I can get back to where I was, and then my second goal will be to lose about 20 more. I don't really have a timeframe for the weight loss but I would love to have met my goals by summer. The good thing about losing the weight this time around is that I know what works for me- counting calories and walking/running at least 3 days a week.
  12. I'm in this round too.

    As Feb 27 is my b'day I am aiming for a further 5-7kg loss by then.

    Good luck girls :smile:
  13. I feel really gross. I know I've put on weight this holiday season and it's making me really unhappy. I see it in my face, my butt, my stomach (which has always been, blessedly, flat regardless of how big my butt was). I got married about seven months ago and lost weight with Jenny Craig. As soon as I left, the weight started creeping back on and now I think I'm back where I started, or bigger (I don't dare to look at the scale but know my skinny jeans do not fit...at all).

    I have picked up A LOT of my DH's bad habits--popcorn at the movies, lots of dinners out, dessert is always a yes, plus a lot more sandwiches and wraps which is just...bad. He has gained a lot of weight too and we're just two rolly pollys.

    I'm committed to changing my eating habits again, though. Today I had an egg white omellete for breakfast, some nuts and cheese for a late lunch (I sadly worked through a proper one, which isn't great either) and I plan on eating lean protein and salad for dinner with NO dessert.
  14. I'm in!
    I've lost 9 lbs since November (I'm following Jillian Michael's program which I absolutely love) and I'm aiming to drop the last 8 to 10lbs before Spring. I'm 5'4 and 136.9lbs at the moment and my goal weight would be between 125 and 128lbs.
  15. i have around 31 lbs (14 kg) to lose to be back to my pre-preg weight. if i can make it 38 lbs, even better. that won't happen by March 22 but I am hoping I will be there by June/July. I said I will start in 2013, which is right around the corner but only if my heavy workload is more or less finished - otherwise I just can't manage what I have to manage.

    ETA: i am 148 lbs right now (67kg ) and want to get back to 117 lbs (53 kg) or even down to 110 lbs (50 kg). I am 1.62 m (5'3?)

    hopefully i will join this thread by end of next week.... :smile: