Lose weight by New Year's/ Jump start on resolutions

  1. Although it's tempting to take 'the holidays' off, I already am kicking myself for losing ground after falling off the fitness wagon. I figured if I give into that excuse, I am just going to be that much further behind come Jan. 1...so I decided to pull up my boots and regain some muscle and maybe even step it up a bit.

    Anyone else getting a jump start on the New Year's fitness goals? What are your goals/plans?
  2. Oh yay - I was just thinking I'd start a new thread.
    I'm in - IDK what's going on with me at the moment. After losing 30lb+ through 2012, and losing a further 8lb this year - I have put 7lb of that back on and I have lost all focus.
    I am yo-yo-ing backwards and forwards with this * insert curse word here* half stone and need a good kick in the pants to get started again.
    I am proud of what I've achieved (at least I kept 30lb off) but I am worried I'll put it all back on.
    So - my goals and plans. I am going to get rid off 14lb in the next six months.
    Somehow refocus and stop eating cr*p. Get back into the habit of exercising every day. Part of this yo-yo problem comes from my work routine changing. I used to speed-walk to and from the station each day, my new job involves working from home a lot - which I love, but I am finding it way too easy to snack...
    This afternoon I am going through the pantry and ditching anything unhealthy. Then I'm dragging the Step out and (finally, as it's been sitting on the bookcase for months) unwrapping a dance DVD
    Finally, I am ordering some health supplements that really helped me last time, just some nutri and amino support.
    That feels better - getting it all down here will make me accountable.
  3. I'm in, Tink! I seem to have fallen off the wagon for these past few weeks - darn cookies :push:

    I need to get the weight off....I have to!
  4. My goal is to add about 3 or 4 pounds of muscle mostly in my legs and abs. I'd like to get my waist down to 19" but if I can get a six-pack...ok, if I could get a four pack I'd be happy.
  5. I'm in too! Some extra weight crept up after trouble with my Achilles tendon kept me from working out for several months. (Yes, it was a fabulous excuse that I took full advantage of: I can't exercise, my doctor told me to rest my leg!) I've been working out regularly and eating clean for a few months and have taken off 10 lbs, with another 5 - 8 to go.
  6. DH and I are starting P90X3 on the 22nd
  7. Oh gosh, I need this. I am stuck and it is my own fault. I stopped running because it is too hot in the afternoon and I am too tired after work, but it is now too dark in the morning because the sun doesn't even start to peek out until I'm ready to go to work and running in the dark is too stressful... even with a headlamp I get too paranoid.

    I have been cheating way too often, too. So no major weight gain, but no loss either.
    I thought I would be done by my birthday, but at this rate I'll be lucky to be down another 6-8lbs.
  8. Yahoo, glad to have some company, I hope we can all cheer each other on. I have a feeling this is going to be harder than I thought.

    Bwahaha, typical...the day after I say I am going to take it to the next level...I ate fast food yesterday. The first time in at least 6 months, probably closer to about 10 months. Oh, well...onward.

    I was up on my weight, 149.6, but measurements are OK, body fat 23.2 % ... hopefully a bit of water weight from the fast food...so if I have a big loss this week, I 'll know why.

    My goal is size 6! About 1 inch off my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips, about 11 pounds, body fat down to 21%. I could really care less about the pounds, per se.... but I think that is about what I am going to need. I would love to be 'done' by my hubby's birthday in mid March.

    I am sooo excited...I am trying a Dailey Method class tomorrow :smile:
  9. I lost 0.75lb hurrah. I've put the myfitnesspal app on my phone to keep on track and have donated all my cra**y food to the local foxes - they eat anything lol.
    Maybe it's my imagination, but even after one day of eating healthily, I have more energy and feel more alert. Short term goal is to lose 5lb by Christmas day - that may be a bit ambitious but am pretty sure I am carrying a lot of water weight at the moment....
  10. I lost 2 pounds this week, thank God! I had been up the past 2-3 weeks thanks go snacking and just making bad decisions.

    I'm headed to London this weekend with my mom so it will be a lot of eating out. I hope that the walking will compensate and that I still have a loss for next week.
  11. It's freeeeezzing here! Wrap up warm and enjoy!
  12. Freezing? I thought you guys had like 10°C during the day ;) That's a heat wave! :p
  13. I'm bummed. Gained 3-4 pounds back. It's COLD and I needed food! At least I have one less layer of fat to keep me warm.

    Part of it was eating crap, but that's all gone now. At least until my Mom sends me another package. No more buying junk food at the grocery store to get free milk. Thanksgiving leftovers are gone now, except for turkey chili, which is salty. :-s

    I haven't been able to walk the dog first thing in the morning because it is dark and cold. I stop moving at 5pm because it is dark. I hate the dark.

    I restarted my HIIT workouts and that may be part of why I get so hungry. The appetite is not as strong now as it was last week, so I'm optimistic.

    What temperature do you all keep your thermostat at? I like to keep it as cool as possible, but I wonder if it's making me hungrier. I would love to keep it at 64, but I find I often up it to 66.

    Trying to do eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, turkey chili for lunch, and veggies for dinner. But more often I crave grapes and cheese and tortilla chips for dinner. I need to eat a salad or carrots instead.
  14. My resolution is keep going to yoga everyday for 2 sessions (with only 1, 2 days off/ month) for the next year!
    I started 2 weeks ago and got seriously addicted, plus i can feel my body changing already :smile:
  15. That's great.
    I don't think it's your imagination, I know, I feel better the day I get everything out.


    Good luck in London!

    That sounds like a good plan. I am def. struggling with my appetite a lot more the last few days. For me, I think you hit the nail on the head...it's a combo of the cold and the increased work outs.

    Wow! That's awesome. I wish I could get addicted to yoga...I have tried, I just can't :sad:

    I am doing pretty well. I hit my steps (15,000) for Fri-Mon. I didn't Yesterday, (hit almost 12,000 though) but did a Dailey method class. I am a little sore today and was starving yesterday and even though I ate quite a bit last night, woke up starving today. Plus I was up late three nights in a row so my motivation is sagging. Whine! Whine! Whine!

    Bwahaha, tempted to just give myself the day off and snuggle up, nap and eat...I am drinking a cup of coffee in an attempt to snap myself out of that notion.