Lose Weight by Labor Day!

  1. Sounds like none of us had a great week this week. No workout for me again today. Hoping to go tomorrow. I am consoling myself with the thought that my friend who is a serious runner (Ironmen, marathons, ultramarathons, etc.) said that she really thinks I need to take a break for a week or so. I'll count this week as my break since I only made it to the gym M/W. I am hoping that my major sweet craving that I had earlier in the week seems to be behind me. I did weigh myself today and was still 134 - 134.5 (we have a digital scale that seems to vary every time I step on it, hence why I always have 1/2 lb variance), so at least not going up.

    Wishing us all better luck/willpower next week!!
  2. Do NOT hate yourself!! Remember you lost a HUGE amount for a month. I was actually reading something today for a friend whose child has some major eating issues, and it flagged 7 kilos/15 lbs as the threshold for one month without requiring medical attention. You really deprived yourself for the whole month to do that, so of course you are going to have some bounce back. Maybe you can ease back into it with something less severe??
  3. Kind of excited to get back on track Monday. I still plan to run tomorrow.
  4. Kimberf, I measure my bust, waist and hips regularly. I recently took my upper arm and thigh but I'm not consistent with those. I also only measure first thing in the morning before eating for consistency.

    I'm down to 172.6 today after a week of being sick. I ate well, if anything I didn't have much of an appetite, but I didn't go to the gym. I'm feeling close to my goal of 169!! I want out of the 170s!!!

    Consider it a new week to get on track!
  5. Ok girls I am back tomorrow with my motivation. I'm turning 30 in 1.5 years and I want to be truly in shape before then. Hopefully I didn't set myself back too far on my vacation. I finished C25K week 2 today. The plan is to stay around 1200 cals and work out 4x a week.
  6. I had a good day: approx 1200 calories, 1 hour 15 minutes of cardio.

    I have been having a LOT of trouble with motivation also, so I have devised a cunning, very tPF type plan. I put a Celine mini luggage on layby. I only get the bag if I lose the weight and let's face it, I really, really want that bag! If a Celine mini luggage can't get me to lose weight, I don't know what will. :lol:
  7. That's a good idea! I have a similar strategy...my mom said she'll get me a mon mono NF if I hit my ultimate goal weight (in the mid 130's)..but im far from that lol. Maybe by December...
  8. Ok...I took a week off all of last week but back on track today. 3 weeks and one day to go until my tropical vacation!!!! Must look semi decent by then!!
  9. Vanessa - You can do it! I wish I had my metabolism from my 20s back. I definitely noticed a drop around 30, and then again around 35. Just to give you something to look forward to, lol.

    Chunky - Yay for having an awesome day. And good idea! I wouldn't buy any new clothes until very recently. I finally went ahead and got some new jeans and such recently, since I am halfway to my goal and at least got things moving. Of course am now stuck on those last 5-6 lbs.

    I've been good the last three days. 1:15 of cardio yesterday, on some weird recumbent bike with arms that I've never used before. Good job with food. Today 1:30 cardio (1/2 hour stairmaster, 1 hour elliptical), ate healthily, but need to front load the day more again. I was dragging tired for a while after workout, which is tough with the kids.
  10. I had a good day yesterday. Calories around 1200 and walked the dog. Today is a run day. Hope its not too hot when i get home from work. How is everyone else doing?
  11. Did well today - 1:15 of cardio (stairmaster and elliptical, with elliptical level cranked up), and good on food.

    Does anyone have a scale that measures body fat? I got one, thinking maybe it would help get me through the plateaus. However, it's giving me a % that's much lower than I would expect, putting me on the lower end of "ideal" (not even normal, but ideal) for my age. Wondering if it's lying or if I should be all proud of myself. ;) I did check with a trainer at my gym and they have free body fat measurement, so I may do that as a verification. I knew it wouldn't be terrible, but I thought it would be more like high end of ideal/low end of normal.
  12. So quiet. Are we all off the wagon? I have been a bit. It's back to school time so adjusting times I can go and that my nanny is available. Should get back on track next week when school starts for real (that being three hours, since my oldest is just in preschool). Hoping to lose another pound or two b4 labor day. Trying a new trainer next week.

    Vanessa - did you get your reward?

    How is everyone else doing?
  13. Last week was brutal for me. I had a hamburger, poutine, another hamburger and something else bad I don't remember. Maybe it was a big bag of licorice or something. Not all in one day, of course. Had some invitations to "patio" and a birthday party. Also went a little overboard on the fruit. I can't just have some blueberries, I have to eat the entire one pound package in one sitting! I was better this week and it's just over a week until Labour Day (and my birthday) so I think I'm pretty on track. I won't weigh myself until Labour Day weekend at some point so I guess we'll just have to see. I did just order a dress from NM in a medium and it fits nicely. I have never worn a medium in my life, although my bathing suit bottoms are a M. I also just bought a new bra and went down one cup size and two band sizes. (since January)
  14. I have been so busy this summer and constantly eating on the run. I am up a bit this week.
  15. Having some health issues that I am very worried about so I was kind of distracted. I think I am up a bit. Trying not to worry until my doctors appt in 2 weeks. Back on track tomorrow. I'm determined!