Lose Weight by Labor Day!

  1. How about a new thread with Labor Day as the end date for the challenge!

    All are welcome just post what your by Labor Day goal is and what your motivation is and the things you want to work on.

    For me my starting weight is 176.2 and I want to be under 170 by Labor Day, so 169 or less! I've been losing slowly so I'm hoping to really kick things up a notch. I'm going to work on eating health and would like to go from the 2x a week I'm hitting the gym the past few weeks to 3x a week. My motivation is an amazing sweater on preorder for fall that isn't going to fit unless I lose some weight. Well my specific motivation! Of course I also am hoping to drop a pant's size.

    Hope others join in!!!
  2. Hi, I would like to join in. I am 140/142 lbs, 5'6. I exercised 4x a week until recently doing boot camp and Zumba. Classes will be ending next week for the summer so I won't be doing any exercise until next session which will be in September. My main problem is my eating habits. I eat the wrong food. I should stick to veggies, lean meat, fish. But I love bread butter fat meat rice pasta cream wine. Thank goodness I am not a dessert lover. I have been maintaining for a couple of years now but would love to
    Lose 10/15 pounds. I know what to do just have to stick to it. I am toned but the fat is hiding all
    my muscle. Good luck to us.
  3. I'd like to join in on this one!

    I've lost 11 lbs since May because we're having a Biggest Loser contest in our office, but our contest ends tomorrow so I need another way to keep myself motivated.

    I'd like to lose another 10lbs by Labor Day :tup:
  4. I would like to join. I am 5'4" and weighted 129 as of this morning. I just need to lose 4 or 5 pounds. My pencil skirts and jeans are getting a little tight. :tdown:

    I have been cutting down on my sugary drinks and trying to make better food choices. I just really need to watch portion sizes and get in a couple more runs a week.
  5. I'm in. Was doing fine until we decided to do some renovations to our house (the kitchen and th room I use as a workout room). With that being said, working out and eating take out has taken a toll on me. Right now I'm 5'7 and 183. Would love to get under 170.
  6. I'm in again. I managed to get within 1.5 pounds of my goal last time and then as soon as I got home the pounds started packing on. I'm assuming it's mostly water weight since my measurements still appear to be the same. I'm currently 132 lbs and would like to get down to 125 pounds. I started doing Crossfit again last week and I think I'm going to stick with doing that 4-5x a week. I'm still working on cleaning up my eating habits, although it's a little hard with all of the temptations in the house.
  7. I'm in! I am currently 150.8 and my ultimate goal weight is 135. I'm 5'5. By Labour Day I would like to be 140. I need to clean up my diet and exercise more. Today I went on a 50 minute hike with DH and my dog and ate around 1400 cals. I will be posting here daily for encouragement. I was 135 when I got married 2 years ago and I cant wait to be again!
  8. I'm in! I am 5'4" and about 153 last time I checked.... maybe I should check again. But the bathroom is way over there.....okay..checked and I am 154 lbs. I have a 7 month old and lost the baby weight but have gained 5 pounds since getting back down to pre baby weight. My main thing is to tone up. I would like to weigh about 143 by labor day. I haven't been exercising but recently signed up for kickboxing classes.
  9. What are you guys planning to do for exercise? I plan to walk 30-45 minutes 5-6 days a week, my riding lesson once a week and maybe weights or running 1-2x a week.
  10. I plan on starting Couch to 5K over again (I've started that damn program so many times but have never finished - I'm determined this time!) and alternating that with yoga/pilates.
  11. Welcome everyone!!!

    So for exercise I'm planning on going to the gym - which is in the same building as my office - three times a week. I'll probably do 30-45 minutes on the elliptical and someday the bike. I live in the city and would sometimes walk the 40 minute or so walk home from work but it is too hot for that right now. I'd like to get back into yoga or Pilates and maybe have a trainer with weights 1x a week but mainly I'm aiming for a consistent 3x a week gym habit.

    Today was on track as far as food went. My meat loving husband even (for the first time ever) suggested a veggie dinner! I went for a short walk to run an errand but mainly hung around my apartment (a/c).
  12. I'm in LeeMiller! Two months to lose 15lbs. I think I can do it.
    I pledge to....
    Cut out the crappy carbs - it has worked well for me in the past. No rice, no pasta, no bread.
    I will eat lean proteins and lots of vegetables.
    Fruit (especially in the summer) is my major weakness. I love fresh berries but I need to learn how to control my portions with them. I think nothing of chowing down a one pound package of blueberries at one sitting.
    No alcohol.
    Lots of water, water, water.
    No salted licorice. Damn!
    Exercise? Going to be weather dependant. It's either freaking cold and raining or smoking hot. Hard to say. I have my road bike on a mag trainer so I can ride indoors if I have to. Will walk the golf course instead of a cart. I don't do "gym". My usual exercise is on hiatus for the summer (skating) so it will be cycling as per every summer.
    Let's git 'er done!
  13. I'm in for sure. I'm going on vacation to the dominican the day after labor day for a week! And my dbf's brother is getting married in the beginning on august which i also need to look good for. Anyways, I started my hardcore diet last week on July 2....I am 5'7 and was 184.4 last Sunday...today I am 175.6! I am so motivated to keep going..I would like to be back in the 140's by labor day. My plan so far (and it seems to be working well)--special k cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, sometimes some salad and a melba toast for dinner..but absolutely no eating after 7PM...plus ive been drinking at least 5 liters of water every day..no diet sodas, no alcohol (had to pass on going out this past saturday which sucked!) ...no cheating whatsoever...super strict. I've combined this strict eating with my fave workout dvd --- 30 day shred every day plus running for 20 min or so plus ive been using the special weight hoola hoop to help with shrinking my waistline. This week will be hard I think but i hope to be 168/169 by this Friday.

    Let's do this ladies!!
  14. Today, I pledge to only eat salads and meat, no carbs, no cheating, I will take the stairs and take a walk at lunch time. I have my botcamp tonite which I look forwards to. I will go by 1 day at the time. This w.e. was really bad: chips, wine, bread butter, fried eggs.
  15. I would love to join. I am 5'9" and today I weighed 143.6 in the am. For me the worst thing is ice cream in this hot weather. So today I bought italian ices ,much fewer calories and still refreshing. Don't like it as much as the other,but I will learn to. I was going to the gym but I have been a bit under the weather lately so I have not gone. Tomorrow I will try an exercise dvd or lift some light weights at home with some exercises on the ball. Oh my goal for labor day is 135.