lose muscle mass or body fat?

  1. when one has lost weight, how do you know if it's muscles mass or body fat?
  2. good question, i am curious about this as well, i am sure there are tests you can do to see what is what, measurments, fat percentage etc. but outside of doing that it may just be you looking in the mirror.

    I am going to ask my trainer on Wed.
  3. depends if you have been working out while trying to lose weight.
    I think for the most part even if you're notworking out you will lose fat first, but if you dont eat right and keep losing weight it can start to be muscle.
    Your body need food (good food) more so when you're working out or trying to lose weight. Eating good meals, 5 small per day is better then 3 big ones. this way you dont have time to get that hungry feeling.
    Eating lots of veg's, chicken/fish will help with this.
  4. Don't forget water! You lose water, too when you diet. I think when you lose weight by severely cutting down your caloric intake, you lose a lot water and muscle (as well as fat), but when you lose weight by "eating sensibly" and exercising, you're less likely to lose muscle mass and water, you'll still lose some though.
    I'm no expert and I could be wrong ;)

  5. EXACTLY!! It's very important to have low amounts of fat in each meal too to lose body fat.

    Keep in mind that working out reduces muscle loss.. I've heard of women who 'appear' to have a great body, but their body fat % are really high to the point where it's a health issue :wtf:
  6. I have a scale that measures my percentage body fat - this is how I can tell what I'm loosing.
  7. If you're losing weight by just not eating as much, chances are your body is losing muscle mass... Sadly, the body feeds off of muscle before it feeds off of fat.
  8. I agree w/ you guys. Just wish there was a way of knowing w/o using some kind of scale or machine. anyways, i'm planning to get a body composition test.
  9. I have a digital scale that tells weight/% fat. Something like that you mean? Normally fat is at 27% which I understand is not that low as I weigh 124. I have been watching what I eat (fat) and trying to w/o. The other day it read 24% so I guess its working?
  10. Becareful in thinking that those scales that you buy are accurate. They can really be off the best thing to do would be to go and have a body composition test rather than rely on those scales. :smile:
  11. You got that right! I have a very nice Tanita scale at home that measures body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, visceral fat and a few other things and I realized last night just how inaccurate it is. My body fat percentage (according to the scale) has been consistently around 25%. I had a body age/composition test performed last night and my body fat was measured at 20%. HUGE difference! I will probably still use the measurement on the scale as a reference point to chart my losses but I now know that it's way off.

    Anyhoo - here is an excellent article to read about working out, burning fat vs. muscle, and building muscle. This is one of the most informative articles I have ever read on this topic:

  12. you should get your body fat % done at a gym and have them also figure out your VO2 max (this will tell you how many calories you are ACUTALLY burning, the stuff on the machines is usually wrong). this will help you figure out where you really are.