Lose 10 pounds?

  1. If I want to lose approximately 10 pounds or so before Christmas, what should I do? I used to use the elliptical machine at the gym and lost so much, but now I feel like I've reached a plateau :sad: . How should I change my eating habits? Thank you!
  2. If you have a lot of discipline then it should be easy.
    If you don't, I'd jump start my exercise and totally change it up by jumping rope or making sure to do weights w/ cardio or doing 1/2 elliptical and 1/2 jogging or the bike, etc. . . .
    I don't have much willpower when it comes to food so I do small things that make a difference, like no fried foods or cream sauces and no extra sugars and bread.
    When you make a small diet change it usually makes a big difference.
    Oooh, also, drink TONS of water all day, you'll feel full and bloated but within days you'll really notice a big change if you're not used to drinking a lot of water!:yes:
  3. Yeah as swanky mama of three said. drink loads and loads of water :biggrin: it helps fill you up so you can't eat anymore. and try your best to stay away from carbs..
  4. Take Swanky's advise...Ihave very little willpower w/ food but exercise, particularly weight training has always helped me. Weight training causes you to build muscle which increases your metabolism even while resting so you burn more calories. You have to switch your routines regularly b/c your body becomes used to movements and therefore they become less effective.
  5. I agree!!

    I don't suggest staying completely away from carbs though. It's really bad for your body because it needs carbs for fuel!! Everything in moderation!!
  6. I have been dieting lately (lost 4 lbs so far) and I have been keeping a daily journal. I just write a quick note about how things are going, what I ate, how much I exercised, and give myself a little "pep talk" about how I will reach my goal.

    One thing I noticed is I was not eating enough the first two days and my weight did not budge! I was so annoyed! But then I ate a little more (healthy, low fat of course) and then the first two lbs. came right off. So do not crash diet, your body will be pissed off!
  7. Can I still eat fruits and veggies? I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat seafood, either. You girls are so helpful and so sweet, thank you.
  8. one word "FIBER" (it's good for you and fills you up). Make sure you add fiber to you diet along with fruits, veg's, and lean meats.
  9. Eliminate soft drinks when I cut them out along with with diet, etc. I dropped five pounds. If I felt like I needed something with fizz to drink, I would just drink Pellegrini and it satisfied me. Good Luck
  10. You can try the Special K diet, I tried that for 2 weeks and lost 7.00 pounds but I lost a total of 12.00 pounds and 16.25 inches in a month.

    I did the diet for 2 weeks and the total weigh-in was for 1 month.
  11. Healthy, whole, unprocessed natural foods, consistent cardio (like Swanky said, mix it up) + weights and persistence = weight loss :nuts:
  12. Y and R...Did you keep it off? How did you fight the boredom????
  13. I've hit a plateu as well!!! I have just been trying to step it up with excercise (do new things, for longer and at a higher level).

    Also I've been having HEAPS of water (2-4Litres), herbal tea is good (flavour but not fatty) and I have been having treat Saturday when I can have something sweet (not a whole cake, but a slice of cake type thing) and that gives me something to look forward to).

    Good luck: I've lost 8kgs and need to get rid of another 8kg's to be back to my old size (Australian 10)
  14. 3500 kcal = 1lbs.

    Drink a lot of water and eat 5-6 small meals a day. 30mins cardio at least 3 times a week minimun.