Los Angelites!

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  1. Sorry if that is not how you are referred! The bf and I are going to LA for a week and would like to know what a decent hotel is...ideally I would like to stay in Beverly Hills near Rodeo Drive so I can get up in the morning staring at Chanel Boutique :lol:

    It is hard to guess which hotel is good and which isn't from the internet and apparently we've been told industry standards are different from Canada. Originally we had booked a Holiday Inn on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but upon reading feedback (one story about a man standing above one's bed at 4am, and warnings about being a female and walking alone at night, to overcharging for crappy service) we figured we'd be better off paying more and not having to spend our vacation in a shack scared for our lives. :blink:

    So anyone have any suggestions? TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I usually stay at Le Merid, Peninsula or once in awhile the W Westwood (but that requires a car) when i'm down in LA
  3. If I were you, I definitely would not stay near the Hollywood walk of fame. People always thing Hollywood is so glamourous...not the case. Watch Pretty Woman and that's pretty much so what it is.

    You may want to consider something in Westwood or Century City. Nice area, and not too far from BH.
  4. We always stay at the Loews in Santa Monica (for a little beach time!) then move on to my favorite hotel - the Mondrian on Sunset Blvd (West Hollywood). It's owned by the same guy who owns the Delano in Miami and Morgans in NY. It's a boutique hotel and every time I stay, it's amazing. Can't say that about every hotel!
  5. These are all great suggestions, stay away from Hollywood, it is sort of a cesspool.
  6. Yeah that's what I'm getting the picture of it being! :Push: I'm glad we decided to look up reviews, we are both traveller newbies so we had no idea! Plus we are driving from Vegas, so my bf was a little nervous about navigating, but I told him I'd rather get lost for a few minutes than know that I have to sleep in the slums!

    Thanks so much for your suggestions! :flowers:
  7. 1) I think its Angelinos. ;) Yes, I watch too many movies.

    2) I wish I'd known this before we went in 02. We stayed in the Hollywood Roosevelt. Whatever you do, avoid that one like the plague! The most godawful place I've ever stayed, and I've stayed in Youth Hostels! :blink:
  8. I would recommed the Raffles L'Ermitage or Four Seasons for an upscale hotel. If your looking for something less expensive I would say the Standard Hotel.
  9. Casa Del Mar
    (both on the beach in Santa Monica)
    The Standard (downtown L.A.)

    and all of the above!
  10. my boyfriend always comes down and stays at the Standard on sunset - it's walking distance to the house of blues, miyagi's sushi and fun strolling durng the day/evening. the rooms are more of a sinatra-swanky esque feel but it's a fun place to hang out. Enjoy LA - it's the best place in the world :smile: !!!
  11. the standard on sunset is so cool... we often go there for nights out. If you like sex & the city, its the hotel that has a person in a glass tank at the reception. The girls stayed there when carrie was meeting with matthew mcconouhey (no idea how to spell)
  12. Yes it is!!!:biggrin:
  13. I don't really have any suggestion other that don't stay in Hollywood. It's pretty gross there. I was totally suprised to see that the Walk of Fame was in such a seedy area.

    Both times I went to LA we stayed in Malibu and drove into LA everyday. I think it was totally worth it because it really wasn't that long a dirve and it was so nice to be out of the city overlooking the ocean. We were in a motorhome though so I don't know anything about the hotels in Malibu.

  14. LOve love Shutters on the Beach....in santa monica. excellent hotel...

    depends on your price range I guess....
  15. When in LA I think it is best to spend a little more, price yourself away from the riff raff, meaning the drunk college students who put 6 guys in one room, and rest assured that room will be the one next to yours..:censor: