Los Angeles- Where is your favorite place to shop?

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  1. My first choice is Rodeo Drive and after that I love The Grove. I just wish they had better stores there.
  2. i live in florida but was brought up in LA and am there at least twice a year. i love the Grove too, and agree with you about there needing to be better shops there. although the Nordstrom there is really a good one. I also love the little shops on 3rd Street, especially vintage (i.e., Polka Dots & Moonbeams, etc.) and love the Beverly Center especially at holiday time; the people watching (and bag watching lol) are just great, needless to say, so are alot of the shops there!. Rodeo Dr. for window shopping but there's so many tourists there, i prefer to shop where the Angelenos hang out. Like the shops in Silverlake and Echo Park areas are fabulous....

    And if its considered part of LA - South Coast Plaza is unparalleled. I want my ashes someday spread over the entire mall :p
  3. Really, really envious of you ladies on west side of LA. I am always stuck on the east side :crybaby:. But at least we have south coast plaza, Newport Fashion Island and desert hills outlet.

    And yes, I consider South Coast Plaza the "greater part" of LA.

    Isn't Boca Rotan shopping heaven too?
  4. Oh God, where isn't my favorite place to shop? Robertson Blvd., Old Town Pasadena/Paseo Colorado, Sherman Oaks Fashion Square, the Beverly Center, Century City, 3rd St. Promenade, Montana Ave., Ventura & Laurel in Studio City, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island in Newport, Lake Ave. in Pasadena, Melrose, the Grove....
  5. oh god i forgot about 3rd St. Promenade, and what about the shops in Malibu and the Palisades? and the Rose Bowl flea/antique thing on the last Sunday of the month? oh oh oh, and you hadda remind me about Pasadena ?? havent shopped there in years............
    now i gotta notify work that my 6 days in LA, in 2 weeks, may turn into 6 weeks..............:p

    and yes, Boca has some good shopping but its not an urban area, its very insulated and suburban. so, we do not have anything close to the "shopping neighborhoods/nooks and crannies of shopping city life" that are in LA and New York.....where there are many different moods of shopping based on the area, the clientele, etc etc. i so miss this. the shopping here is the same all the time.....its the big 5: Saks, NM, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, and Macys. But, hey, now that I think of it, there are the freestanding stores: Chanels and LVs and Guccis and Fendis and Pradas (boutiques) And, Bal Harbour shopping is an I-think-I-died-and-went-to-heaven kind of experience. maybe its not so bad here....lol
  6. Me too - I totally wish The Grove had more stores, but there's always the Beverly Center right down the street...right now I'm obsessed with Anthropology and Urban Outfitters.
  7. My favorite malls are South Coast Plaza (all the staples like a nice new Bloomie's and big Nordstrom, as well as all the designer boutiques) and Century City (another Bloomie's plus great boutiques like Cusp and Una). The Grove feels a little too much like Disneyland to me.

    I also love Robertson, with stores like Lisa Kline, Kitson etc. But it is annoying that they close the stores as soon as some B-list wanna be wants to shop in private.
  8. 3rd street santa monica is great for walking around and taking in the sights, as well as getting some nice ocean air :smile:

    south coast is also great!
  9. i'm fairly new to LA (been here only about 2 months), and aside from the distant outlet malls (e.g. camarillo) I have only gone shopping on Rodeo Drive (twice) and 3rd Street Promenade (3-4 times). as others mentioned the promenade is great since it's outside and so you can enjoy the nice cool weather. Rodeo Drive is also great (i luv the free valet parking!!) but it seems like it the weather is bit hotter there. the other thing i dislike about it is that it is CROWDED. when i went in LV boutique a week or so ago to buy my Rosewood there were tons of very rude, pushy tourists and so it took a while for an SA to finally be able to help us. It's such a contrast to other more calmer places where we're the only ones in the store (i.e. at LV counter in Saks in San Antonio, TX). Are there such boutiques/counters in LA, or does every place tend to be crammed with tourists??
  10. Have you tried Saks in BH? Cindy from Gucci knows EVERY brand and is AWESOME!!!!!! Not so many touristas in Saks. Bonnie in Chanel is sweet too.

  11. Saks on Wilshire is never too busy. I have always gotten great service there. Also the LV in Century City never seems that busy whenever I am there.

    Rodeo and Beverly Center are always very busy. I do not go to Hollywood and Highland enough to know how busy they are.
  12. Sky boutique on Robertson Blvd!!! Must check it out. It's so much better than Kitson or Lisa Kline:rochard::rochard::rochard:
  13. There are so many places to shop! lol! Who has been to the LV in Hollywood and Highland? Is it good? I have heard bad thinsg about them.
  14. I have only been there a few times and they have always been very nice to me.

    Any one in the LA/OC area please join us for our TPF meet
  15. Oh ok. Last time my friend went in she said they were snotty. I have never been there. I usually go tot he one in the beverly Center, it's small but really quiet.