Los Angeles - What is your favorite LV boutique?

  1. Beverly Center - It seems like whenever I go in there I have to wait at least 20 minutes to get help since it is so busy.

    Rodeo Drive - always seems so hectic but at least they have a lot of SA's.

    Saks - Very nice and helpful. Never very busy.

    Century City - I always feel like I am begging for help and they are not busy.

    Hollywood and Highland - I always forget about that one.

    I am so lucky I have 5 LV's to choose from within 5 miles of me.
  2. what about south coast plaza?
    not my favorite, but IMO. i think they are always filled with browsers, but the SAs are helpful!

    rodeo is my favorite :smile:
  3. i always end up at SCP cuz it's the closest...but i prefer the store in newport beach the most! (fashion island)...nobody is ever there in the store..(NM) so the SAs are super helpful!

    in SCP there's the boutique, Saks Fifth Ave counter and bloomies counter..plus the fashion island store, i have 4 to choose from!
  4. Century City is my favorite store!!! They are not too busy, so the SAs are able to spend more time with you! I always buy from my favorite SA there, but I know most of the SAs, so it's nice to walk into the store and everyone says hello to me even the security guard knows me!

    SCP is a zoo on the weekends. There are a lot of browsers but there are also alot of buyers. I think the SCP sells more merchandise than the Beverly Hills store.
  5. I go to the Hollywood & Highland one now and they have good service imho. I used to go to Rodeo but my old SA there pissed me off so I stopped giving them my business. Ever since going to H&H, I've gotten really good one on one service without feeling like I'm being rushed plus, they do get some LE things that other stores run out of.

    And also FYI, they are expanding their store and will open a larger store downstairs in November I believe. They will then have everything except RTW. The current size of the store is small but I rather get great service at a smaller store than dealing with the snobby SAs who don't need your business.

    I'm so glad I have a regular SA at H&H now.
  6. Right now, I've decided to make the Hollywood & Highland boutique my store.. they are a smaller store with only the leather goods but I've had the best service there yet and started to establish a relationship there with an SA who is fabulous.. I use to shop at the SCP boutique but they suck there. They never offer me any help even when I'm ready to purchase. Another store I don't mind buying from is the LV counter inside Bloomie's at SCP. The service there is not the greatest but they do greet and offer help.
  7. Either Rodeo or SCP. I don't go up there enough to have a "regular" store.
  8. I like Beverly Center the most, but that's also because I know almost everyone there.

    SCP is the worst. I hate going there. They are too busy. There is no customer service at all. The SA have an attitude that I'm not too fond of. The SCP is the highest volume store, higher than Rodeo Dr., because of all the Asian customers and tourists.
  9. I'm not from LA, but have been to all the stores mentioned except for the one at Newport. I have to say that I prefer the SCP store. When I did buy there, the SA treated me very well, and I wasn't buying all that expensive an item.

  10. I prefer Beverly Center the most (not because I have a regular SA there).
    I used to go to the South Coast Plaza even though it's far for me. Because the store claims that it carries the most LVs in stock than any other stores in So Cal, I always went there to check out the new goodies. I'd purchased couple bags and waitlisted for many bags there many times (with different SA) and every time it turned out that no one gave me a call even though I saw them on the shelves everywhere. :cursing:

    I was disappointed and didn't want to buy from them so every time I ended up at Beverly Center and got all my bags there. (That's how I establish a good relationship with my regular SA). :yes:

    I guess, SCP store has a lot of 'super VIP' customers to deal with so they pay no (or little) attention to the regular customers. I never buy there again. If I have to go there, I just browse and walk out.
    There are also one LV store in Saks and another in Bloomingdales so, I have a lot choices to choose from.:tup:
  11. Good to know... I have family in LA and try to get there once every other year or so.
  12. I used to always go to the one in the Beverly Center but they seem to be the last one to receive new bags and service isn't as good as it used to be so I go to the Century City one. I think the service there is GREAT and my SA Naomi is GRRRRRREAT too. Perhaps you should try her she even sent me a Thank You card after I purchased my sunset blvd.