Los Angeles TPF get together

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  1. Los Angeles TPF get together

    Mrsjimmyh and I are trying to plan a Los Angeles TPF get together. We would like to get as many TPF addicts as possible for a fun filled day of shopping (and lunch)

    We are taking a poll for the dates of 7/14 or 7/15. The meeting place will be The Beverly Center. We thought it would be easier to park there and for everyone to meet up there versus Rodeo Dr.

    Here is the link for the poll and other info

  2. i'd love to go! i'm in Santa Barbara. I'll see if i can make it down for a meet! I would love to go coach-ing with other coach lovers!
  3. ok just PM'd you
  4. I'm in San Diego - I'd come up to LA for a day to meet up and have fun!
  5. Got you on the list! :smile:
  6. Hi!
    We don't allow duplicate posts, please click on the link she provided, this thread has to be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.