Los Angeles Times Newspaper reports a new line by Karl to target young Chanelphiles

  1. In the Los Angeles Times on Sunday.

    Article titled "Design Schooled"

    The following was written..."...Even Karl Lagerfield's recent announcement that he will design a line of eponymous handbags and luggage that won't exceed $1,000 sounds like a way to target his adoring adolescent Chanelphiles."

    Interesting - he is developing a starter line for teens, yet on the other end pricing out grown women with all these increases....
  2. Will it still be chanel?

  3. Well put.

    This trend toward expensive designer handbags trickling down to the tween set really astounds/dumbfounds me.
  4. Hey, I want to see what his junior line will look like. Maybe I'll want something, and under $1000? Maybe it will be cute (maybe not)? :confused1:

    Maybe a lot of people will migrate towards the junior line, wish we knew what the bags would look like.
  5. I hope it doens't cheapen the brand :sad:
  6. i have the same thought since chanel is luxury brand. :wtf:

  7. I hope my daughters will not ask for a Chanel when they turn teens. :s
  8. Hmph! Adolescents? How about throwing a bone to some of us starving students and young, still semi-starving professionals, Karl? :p
  9. I highly doubt that it will be part of CHANEL. Karl has designed for H&M before, too.
  10. ^I hope not, this will devalue Chanel in my eyes, if that makes sense
  11. yes i agree. i hope its not like how they have marc jacobs and then the cheaper marc by marc jacobs line. not trying to be a snob, but i like chanel just the way it is!
  12. If it's not Chanel then I'm probably not interested.
  13. I saw on net-a-porter site that Karl is introducing a line of clothing, and I think it's called K (something). My brain is failing on the details, but I think it's not being offered in the States. Sounds like the younger line in handbags is another animal entirely. Will be interesting to see how "dummied" down the line is. You know it's gonna have to be -- a lot.
  14. it wont have anything to do with chanel. karl said in an interview that he would never put out a diffusion line of chanel, because it would take away from the chanel line.
  15. OMG! When I read the title of the post I got it mixed up in my brain and thought it said it would be at Target. UGH! The Chanel GO! line:crybaby::tdown: