Los Angeles places to shop and hang around...

  1. As you all know, we're heading down to Los Angeles on Wednesday and it's been about 2 years since i've been there and was wondering what you guys thought would be cool places to shop, dine and do a little :drinks:...

  2. What part of LA will you be visiting?
  3. pretty much anywhere....we're landing in LAX and hitting the beach the first day and we dont know what there is to do at night and stuff...
  4. As far as shopping, would say Beverly Center, Rodeo, Robertson, Melrose, 3rd Street Promenade, and the list can keep going...LOL.

    But I just went to The Standard last night and it was really chill, as long as you have friends with you. It's more of a lounge on the roof of the hotel. If you do decide to go, go early or get a room. So that you can get the wristband. It only allows so many people so it ends up filling up quick. But I don't know how empty it is on the weekday.

    What type of dining are you looking for?
  5. As far as clubs go, anything in the hollywood area will be pretty happening. Cinespace seems to be the popular choice. The Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake is a pretty fun bar. Dining - there's so much! What price range/type of food are you looking for?
  6. ^ The standard doesn't get too crowded on weekday nights... I like hanging out there during the weekends daytime as well.

    I'd skip the 3rd street promenade... I'd suggest hitting up Rodeo and the sales, Robertson, and then Beverly Center(if you still want to shop). There are some really great restaurants near the promenade though if you're hitting the beach near there.

    On Wednesday nights I like going to Tokio bar for some deep house music. It's free.
  7. There are some cute boutiques on 3rd Street near the Grove.
  8. I like Intuition on W. Pico Blvd.
  9. Hey! Don't forget us in the San Fernando Valley! Going shopping on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City is always nice and not so hectic as the Westside.
    Skip the 3rd Street Promenade in my opinion. The Grove is cool. I've been meaning to go there and check out Pottery Barn Kids.
    There are the Camarillo Outlet stores too, but that's a bit of a shlep. They have some great places there - like Saks Off Fifth.
    But if you're looking to just stay on the Westside, I like what I suggested and of course, Rodeo if you must. My mom-in-law lives there, and I cringe every time I go there. It's a bit much.
    But that's just me.....
  10. Of course Rodeo, The Grove is always nice and has some good placed to eat, Beverly Center just opend a new Gucci and they have most of the Fall line that is not in the other stores yet.