LOS ANGELES MEET Saturday 7/14 & Sunday 7/15 @ Bev Center!!

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Which date is better for you to meet?

  1. Saturday 6/30

  2. Sunday 7/1

  3. Other.. please throw it out there.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. ^you're more than welcomed to join.. if you want the evite, just PM me your email addy!
  2. I can't make it those days!! I would love to meet you guys too! Next time you guys have a SCP meet let me know!! =) btw, you ladies enjoy yourselfs!
  3. Thanks for the information :smile:- I would not be able to change my plans to attend this weekend - so I would rather leave plans as they are for the 14th.
  4. I second with Purrrfect.
    I will not be able to make it this weekend.
  5. It looks like we are not changing it. Only 3 people responded and 2 said they could not make it this weekend and only one voted for this weekend. So we will just leave it as planned for next Saturday.
  6. sounds fun! :smile:

  7. Would you like to join us????
  8. saturday and sunday? i think i may be able to make it sunday :smile:

  9. We are meeting on Sunday at 11:30 at California Pizza Kitchen at the Beverly Center. I hope you can still make it.
  10. Good evening all, this is my very first post, but I wanted to chat about the meeting you may be having this upcoming weekend. As the manager of the new Gucci boutique that opened on May 18th in the Beverly Center; we would love to have you all swing by and enjoy a walk through of the new store. I would be happy to give you a tour and convey the family names of the handbags, discuss the fall collection and talk about helpful details of owning and purchasing a Gucci handbag. I am working both Saturday and Sunday. I know Rodeo has Chanel, but Beverly Center has air conditioning! Take care all handbag lovers!
  11. First of all WELCOME to TPF!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for your offer!!! I can only speak for myself but I am sure we will be making a trip into Gucci.

    As I said in my post above we are meeting at the Beverly Center at 11:30. We are going to have lunch at CPK and then a full day of shopping.

    As of right now our count is 13 yes, 6 no, and 13 that have not RSVP'ed yet

    See you on Saturday:tup::yahoo:

  12. It will be great meeting with you and maybe we can discuss my dissatisfaction in Gucci.
  13. Enjoy your day of shopping and make sure to stop by the store, and ask for me if you do. My name is Jennifer. Have a great week!
  14. This sounds like lots of fun! I will be in L.A. on July 14th, but my friend and I were planning on shopping at SCP. Maybe we can go to the Beverly Center instead. :smile:

  15. We would love it if you were able to join us.
    We are planning on meeting at the Beverly Center at 11:30 and having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and then head upstairs for some shopping. Please let us know if you will be joining us.
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