LOS ANGELES MEET Saturday 7/14 & Sunday 7/15 @ Bev Center!!

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Which date is better for you to meet?

  1. Saturday 6/30

  2. Sunday 7/1

  3. Other.. please throw it out there.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. Friendly Reminder: Evites are being sent this weekend! Please PM me with your email if you'd like one! :smile:
  2. Hi ladies, I live in Phoenix but will be in the OC for three weeks in July on vacation. Can I come up to LA and join you? I prefer Sunday the 15th because we are coming up to Beverly Hills for a 75th B-day party for my uncle that day, but of course, to meet some of you tpf'ers and lunch and shop I would come on the 14th as well, whatever works! Plesae count me in if that is ok. thanks so much, Trish in Arizona

  3. Will definitely count you in! Please PM your email so I can get the evite with the details out to ya this weekend. :smile:
  4. eVites have been sent out! Please RSVP by Monday, July 9th. The evite has the time, date & place we ended up going with.

    I can still invite more people.. if you'd like to join, just pm with your email addy!
  5. omigawd you guys are gonna hate me or something to that extent... i cannot go!! i have a HUGE floor-set to do for work and i so can't get out of it. :sad: :cry: this also means my thread to carpool/etc is also a no-go!! i'm so sorry!!
  6. Girls Sounds Like Fun

    Rodoe Drive is in my opinion the best place to meet up.
    I am in Vancouver, BC for the Summer though.
    Next time I will make it for sure.

    Maybe to an OC-South Coast Plaza Meeting, Also!!!

    Please take lots of photos
  7. I'll be in Laguna if anyone would like to drive up with me! Just pm me or use the evite carpool feature...
  8. Let me know too if there's a date planned for SCP. M-F if possible.
  9. Hi!!! Could I get in on this? I would love to meet up with you all!!!!!
  10. ^Just sent ya the eVite!
  11. Thanks - just read the note. I hope I can join in - but have my family here from out of town those days. I will have to play it by ear. If not, Please have a wonderful time!!!!
  12. Hi mrsjimmyh and everybody,

    I just PMed you, mrsjimmyh.
    Please check. Thank you very much.
  13. ^sent ya the evite Bampi! :smile:
  14. Oh wow, I just found out about this, slow me! LOL.

    I won't be able to make it to LA with a toddler (DH won't be able to babysit for that long, LOL), but please please let me know next time we have a SCP meet? I'd love to go shop with my tPF girls!

    Thanks the organizers for all your work in organizing this!
  15. i want in on this!
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