LOS ANGELES MEET Saturday 7/14 & Sunday 7/15 @ Bev Center!!

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Which date is better for you to meet?

  1. Saturday 6/30

  2. Sunday 7/1

  3. Other.. please throw it out there.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. Yay, my first tpf meeting/lunch!
    I'm in Paris at the moment but will be heading back to the OC this week. Please count me in :yahoo:
  2. Can we do a poll on the location too? Bev Ctr, Bev Hills, or SCP? I know that there's a meetup not too long ago at SCP... Bev Ctr/Bev Hills is quite a drive ....

  3. Well, we can't actually make another poll for this thread but feel free to throw out where you'd like to meet and we're going to go with majority.. most likely though, Bev Center or Rodeo just because we're doing a meet for the people who can't make it up to the OC for SCP meets.

    BTW, Frozen I think is coming from the OC.. maybe you can carpool with him or anyone else coming from the same direction? (just a suggestion!)
  4. Great idea! I'll set up a thread for the caravan/carpool. :smile:
  5. ^Sounds good! Hopefully more people can make it this way. Thanks!!
  6. The South Coast Plaza is not close enough to Los Angeles for me to make it - I'm way north. It should be in BH, IMO. There's street and public lot parking there. Thing about BH, though, is that someone will need to choose a very specific place to meet (with some architecture that people can recognize) - because yeah, a mall would be easier.
  7. keep me update when you guys plan to meet at SCP!
  8. I can't do Saturdays guys. Can someone just PM me when you decide on a date?

  9. Sure, I'll PM ya! :yes:
  10. we are most likely meeting either at Bev Center or Rodeo.. hope you can make it there! :smile:
  11. I'm pretty new to TPF. This is a great idea! I would love to join the LA lunch & shop meeting but can't make it until 7/14 or 7/15.
  12. i don't know which dates i can make it, but i'm going to vote for beverly hills as the beverly center does not have a chanel OR hermes boutique.
  13. Either location is fine with me. :smile: I prefer Sunday the 15th since I just made lunch plans on the 14th :sad: Traffic will probably be easier on Sunday and less crowded? :smile:
  14. I wish i could go! I'm in Anaheim and would totally be a driver or just carpool with frozen but i work saturdays AND sundays.:sad:
    Im a hairstylist in a mall...so yeah...:tdown:

    But, i hope you guys have TONS of fun!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.