LOS ANGELES MEET Saturday 7/14 & Sunday 7/15 @ Bev Center!!

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Which date is better for you to meet?

  1. Saturday 6/30

  2. Sunday 7/1

  3. Other.. please throw it out there.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. I'm in.
  2. awww how nice! I'll try to be there too!
  3. i'll be back home in wisconsin that weekend! sounds like a ton of fun! ---maybe next time!
  4. I'm in for the 14th as well. It has been a few months since our last Rodeo meet.

  5. Well...I am for Rodeo, but whatever you ladies decide is great with me.;)
    Thanks for setting this up!!:tup:
  6. Sounds like fun.

    Hopefully I will be in CA. Summers are big time travel for me.
  7. Wow, I'm actually going to be in LA that weekend ... but unfortunately we're suppose to go to Redondo Beach that day (BTW we're there for a family vacation)! It would have been nice to finally meet other tPFers! Hope you guys have fun:smile:
  8. if you want to carpool (aka, i'll drive. :biggrin:) i wouldn't mind driving! We've done SCP meets in the past, I think it's only fair we give the LA crowd its turn.

    Rodeo's parking structures are horrid on me too (not lowered, but modified indeed) so I just park on the street with some coins, or valet the damn thing.

    Whaddya say?? LMK in PM. :smile:

    oh and i voted for sat, july 14. :smile: i'll be getting paid the day before, so i should be able to at least buy lunch and gas for myself. lol. and i LOVE that there's a jamba juice there. oh i :heart: jamba juice so much! lol.
  9. Hehe, I just realized that the 13th is payday for me too!! :graucho: :P
  10. Very cool, either day works for me although I voted for sunday. Thank you for arranging this mrsjimmyh & beljwl.
  11. would vote for beverly center
    it would be easier to meet up with people than rodeo
    if after touring beverly and not satisfied, can always carpool to rodeo!
    sunday better
  12. oh this sounds fun!! I'm in for sure. Saturday the 14th works. In terms of location, either one work's for me.
  13. I'm in. We had a LV meet earlier this year and it was fab - on Rodeo - we ate at Cheesecake and got there by 11:30 am so we were able to be seated as a group. Then we walked to LV . . .
  14. Nooooooo me and cutestmomever will be in Paris! (Ok, not complaining.)
  15. ^Girl, you will be having a blast in Paris! Hope you 2 have a safe trip and lotsa fun!
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