LOS ANGELES MEET Saturday 7/14 & Sunday 7/15 @ Bev Center!!

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Which date is better for you to meet?

  1. Saturday 6/30

  2. Sunday 7/1

  3. Other.. please throw it out there.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. Hello all, Beljwl and I are going to organize a Summer LA Meet. We've decided to meet up at the Beverly Center on either Saturday 7/14 or Sunday 7/15. If another date is better for you, please throw it out there. We can do lunch also if you want. Please PM either one of us if you have any questions and please PM me your email addy if you want to be on the evite list.

    Virginia :smile:

    SORRY LADIES & GENTS I MADE A BIG BOOBOO! We're Planning to meet on Saturday 7/14 or Sunday 7/15!! So when you vote, pleae note that Saturday is for 7/14 and Sunday is for 7/15!! Thanks!
  2. Just a heads up to all, I think we're planning to meet at Rodeo Dr. instead since there has been feedback that Bev Center has no Chanel boutique. Either way, both locations aren't too far from each other. More info to come.. If you guys have any ideas, don't hesistate to post!
  3. I know I might be being selfish, but is there any consideration for SCP? I know it sounds stupid but my car is lowered and doesn't make it into the Rodeo parking lot. And I don't want to bring my DH...LOL. I need the girl time. Of course in no way am I saying to change all plans. Just wondering.
  4. I would love to go, but the 15th is my birthday and I'll probably have plans. Any way to make it another day? Also, is it okay that I only started posting on TPF recently?
  5. It is open to EVERYONE!!!! Well anyone with a love for shopping.

    At first we were considering 6/30 or 7/1 but with the 4th of July so close we were not sure if people were planing on going out of town. That is why we picked the weekend we did.
  6. Peach- It's definitely okay to meet even if you barely started posting. There's no requirement to join us. As for making it another date, we're going to see what the consensus is.

    handbag_luvr- I'm up for meeting at SCP but I think if you read previous posts, there were 2 meets because people who lived in LA didn't want to drive up to the OC and vice versa.

    Anyone else who has thoughts, post them! We'll go by majority here to get the most people to attend. :yes:
  7. We would love for you to join us. How about other parking lots or street parking?
  8. Oh, heck I messed up and voted for the wrong date-

    beljwl and mrsjimmyh - I am FOR Saturday, July 14:tup:
    not Sunday.
  9. How exciting...my very first forum meet :yes:

    Would I be too much of a nerd if I said that I'm nervous about meeting some of you....:s
  10. I hope I can make it! Saturdays are best for me.
  11. Okay
    Okay when Mrsjimmyh and I talked today we talked about both Beverly Center and Rodeo. Neither of us really cared both places were fine since they are both so close to each other. We decided on Beverly Center but then a few people seemed to rather have Rodeo. Really either is fine.

    We are open to whatever everyone prefers.

    Here are a few advantages and disadvantages for both places

    Advantages with the Beverly Center
    If it is a million degrees out Bev Center is indoors and Air Conditioned.
    Parking is easier
    Not as crowded
    Seemed easier to find a meeting place.

    Advantages on picking Rodeo
    Better selection of stores (MAJOR ADVANTAGE)
    Larger selection of places to have lunch

    I am sure there are others I can't think of right now so anyone please feel free to add to the list

    Since I don't think we can add another poll, please post which place you prefer. And it will be a majority wins.
  12. No problem!!!!
  13. I'll actually be in LA at that time! :smile:
  14. I also vote for Saturday the 14th
  15. beljwl & mrsjimmyh, thank you! If I were to choose, the 14th would be better for me because as I mentioned, the 15th is my birthday. As for location, I feel like everybody being indoors in a mall would be less hectic than finding parking and being out and about on Rodeo. Just my 2 cents :smile:.
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