Los Angeles- Has anyone tried these

  1. I was just reading the new Best Of issue of Los Angeles magazine. Has anyone tried these cupcakes? They won Best of.

    They sound so YUMMY... I can't wait to try them.

  2. Well, I went yesterday and tried them and al I have to say is YUMMMMMMMMM
  3. Do you have to order before going there or is it like Sprinkles?
    Let's hear your experience (what did you order, what would you recommend, was it crowded, pricey)?
    I want to go soon~!
  4. Ooh yum, do tell!! I want to try them next time I'm up there.
  5. When I went in there were only 3 other people (unlike Sprinkles). I did not pre-order. I just walked in. They are $3 each and if you get a dozen you get one free. For a dozen it was the same as Sprinkles $36

    They are so moist and yummy. :tup::tup::heart:I got a dozen. I got Chocolate, Mint, Banana, Strawberry, and Caramel, I think that was it. My favorites were Choc and Strawberry. I want to go back and try the peanut butter ones adn get more of the other flavors. I just wish they had better hours.
  6. Oh my gosh those sound delicious!!! I MUST try it!
  7. I haven't gone yet but you've inspired me to go to a local cupcake boutique. :p
  8. I think I've gained a couple of pounds...after eating 2 of these cupcakes...
    dot cupcake.JPG

  9. Where are these from?
  10. I went to Dainties again yesterday. Here is a photo of them. I got Peanut Butter, Choc. Mousse, and Strawberry.


  11. OMG! Those look absolutely delicious.
  12. I bought these cupcakes from dot cupcakes in Pasadena.

    I think it's great you took photos as well. I think we should do a cupcake expedition and try all the new places..LOL. I love looking at photos of food. Sounds like a deal? :p
  13. ok now you guys are making me hungry!
  14. OMG :drool::crybaby: I must resist eating a cupcake but those look heavenly!
  15. OMG!!! I just tried the Peanut Butter. YUMMMMMM

    Here are what they look like when you cut it open.