Loro Piana?

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  1. hey, I haven't heard anyone talk about Loro Piana bags here.....does anyone like them? They are great high ends bags with quality leather and craftsmanship. They are famous for their globe bag, but also for their amazing cashmere items....scarfs, clothes, etc. Their style may be too conservative for some, they are definitely more tone down in style like Tods I would say. I would definitely like to own one of their bags some time.....I am really regretting that I didn't get one of their bags on a "rare" occurance that it showed up on ashford.com for an amazing price. They are a great investment for quality!

    Any lovers of Loro Piana out there? Their bags are hard to find online though:sad2:.

    I saw one being sold on ebay for $600...but man, it is questionable since that bag is worth about 1900. The $600 price was for "but it now"! How is that even possible???
  2. Any pictures? Never heard of them.
  3. Hmmm, Irissy, I will try to find some good ones to download. There are some on their website, however, I"m not computer savvy enough to get the pictures embedded from within flash programs (?) Besides, the pics. on their website aren't that great. I will try to search the net, but their bags are difficult to find.:suspiciou

  4. Exceptional cashmere products, but I have no knowledge of the bags
  5. It's funny you ask about Piana bags, SoyBean. I was in Neiman Marcus today looking to see if they had the Chloe Silverado and I came across the Piana bags. They are really pretty and come in great colors. They were in the showcase and there were no sales associates available so I did not look any further. I'm not sure how much they are. They had quite a few of them though.
  6. Ohhhh, what colors did you see?? They are pretty....but their quality makes me drool! A lot of their leather actually is weather proof-snow and rain!

    For those who are interested, I could only find pics of these bags.....its something you have to touch and see in person1


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