Loro Piana item questions

  1. Hello everyone. I'm a guy trying to pick up a loro piana scarf for my mum. I look at neiman's and i see it there on the site...but not on sale. The prices of loro piana stuff is atrociously expensive as you know....and I'm wondering if anyone has any decent strategies on getting a discount. I also know they have outlets in CA and NY. If you can comment on those outlets as well (if you've been there) and prices I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. I picked up several Loro Piana cashmere crewneck long sleeve tees last year ay Saks NYC the morning after Xmas. I can't recall how much they were but I think they were 40% off before noon. They were gone FAST though.
  3. How's the quality after washing? I have an outlet near me but never stopped in.
  4. twigski. If you go to an outlet i would appreciate a post on what ur thoughts are on the store. Loro piana boutiques don't have sales until end of jan or feb (ridiculous) and very limited items go on sale at 30% off. I called the outlet today and they said their items are at 30-70% (I figure all the best is at 30%-40%). At least they were willing to send some pics of items I was interested in.............

    I thought that was kinda amazing service for an outlet. Maybe that's the way to go to get anything from them....or fleabay (bah).
  5. I'm planning on going to the outlet early sat or sun. I'll let you know :smile:
  6. I went to the outlet today. The Loro Piana is fairly new & everything was really neatly organized. All of the other stores such at ferragamo, gucci, & tods were packed w/shoppers but I thought it was weird that no one was in this store. then I started to look at the prices and realized it is due to the $$$$$ prices. I'm sure the cashmere sweaters are high quality but the outlet prices were all in the $800+ range w/ 15% additional for after x-mas sale.:tdown: Not worth it IMO.
  7. Hey twiggy thx for the PM. Was the 800$ price with or without a discount from retail price? See some loro piana items NEVER go on discount (scarves, shawl). If you can get it down to 40% from full MSRP it's a wonderful deal (believe it or not).
  8. The $800 was the outlet price (most were marked originally in the $1200 range) then they were offering 15% off additionally on only certain sweaters. I'm guessing the final price would be a little over $700.