Loro Piana coats, are they worth it..?

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  1. I've been drooling over a Loro Piana parka for some time, but the hefty price tag gives me pause. The coat in question is made of their Windmate storm system material, which seems ideal for a Nordic climate with lots of rain and mid-cold days during both spring and autumn (temperatures between say plus 6 and 12 degrees Celsius).

    Does anyone here have experience with their coats and/or this specific material? Does the quality really justify the price..? How long has your coat lasted? I appreciate any input.
  2. Their things are very pricey in general. If you live in a climate that warrants it, if the style is classic and you don't think you will get sick of it, then it is something to consider. Or...take the chicken's way out and wait for it to go on sale. Better know you size and which colors you like first. I have seen sales at their stores after Christmas and the stock is pretty good. These things don't fly out the door at this price point.
  3. do u have a link to the item you are asking about? i have 2 windstorm coats and they are great for running around, but the basic colors are never on sale, only seasonal ones, and you'll be lucky if any is left in your size by then.

    i would not wear mine if it's really cold in NYC, but great for fall and layering though.
  4. i was also looking into their shawl/capes...just wondering if anyone owns any of them...the cashmere is so yummy!
  5. Thank you all for your replies. Here's the parka, a model called Hurrisund:http://www.loropiana.com/flash.html#/lang:en/product/FAD2753/8000. Rainy fall weather, layering and casual outings is what I had in mind for this coat. I have other coats for really cold weather and for more formal outfits.

    I don't live near a boutique, but I'm off abroad in a couple of weeks time and I can visit a boutique then. I'm just not sure the boutique in question carries this model, they probably only carry the more expensive coats due to their location. The net boutique delivers to my country and returns should be easy, so that's an option. I don't know if they do sales, but judging from randr21's comment, this model in black would not go on sale anyway.

    randr21, have you used your coats in rain, can they really take it?
  6. Hi there!

    I love Loro Piana. The coat you have in mind is beautiful. While I don't have the exact model you are considering, I've been very pleased with their amazing fabrics and workmanship. Better yet, it's "under the radar" - which I love!!
  7. wow, the hurrisund is gorgeous. makes me want to add it to my xmas list. mine is very similar to this, except I don't have the knitted trims.

    based on your described needs, this is the ultimate coat. lightweight, easy to travel with, foldable, rain & crease resistant and luxurious to its very last detail. now when you said "can they really take it in the rain", I have not worn mine in a downpour, but I have worn it in the rain, with an umbrella and no issues whatsoever. it really is my go to raincoat for both local wear and int'l travels. i love how i can also hand wash it and voila, done. i just wish it wasn't so expensive...but that's LP for you. you must model this if you get it. can't wait to see what you decide.
  8. Thank you for the latest replies. I'm gonna go and try it on, hopefully, next week. I'll be sure to model it if I buy it.
  9. great, cant wait. there seems to be some interest in LP coats on this forum...must be getting ready for the colder weather.
  10. I tried it on when I went in for my coat! It looks great, especially cinched in - very classic. My only qualm with it was that the hood is very thin, not substantial enough to really do any protection.
  11. Thanks for your input. I agree, the hood looks very thin, but then again, if it's windy and/or rainy outside, I'm gonna wear something underneath the hood anyway.