Lori's San Francisco Purse Collection!

  1. Hi all, I'm fairly new here so I decided to post my collection of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Luella Bartley, Fendi, Gucci and Prada. Enjoy!
    PB020001_1.JPG PB020003_1.JPG PB020004_1.JPG PB020006_1.JPG PB020005_1.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice collection! Thanks!
  4. Nice selection :smile: thanks for sharing.
  5. Very nice...love the Luellas!
  6. Your MJs are beautiful! + ur Luellas!!!
  7. Here's the last one ... my Gucci floral bag. This bag makes me happy, it's so colorful! Thanks everyone for looking!

    I just purchased my first Chloe on eBay, so I will post it when it arrives! It's a black hobo with studs and it looks so cool. I can't wait until it's delivered!
  8. LOVE your Marc Jacobs bags, especially the Stella! :love: :love: I also love your Luella bags. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Pretty bags!!!
  10. Beautiful collection!:love:
    I love your MJs, especially the Venetia in washed rose (?)
  11. Great collection, love the MJ's inparticular!!
  12. Love your Vuitton collection.. and is that a Benz key on your cles ? :graucho:
  13. Great collection - so loving the Luellas!!:flowers:
  14. Great collection! Love your LVs and Luella's.
  15. Wow, good eye! :yes: Yes, that's the key to my little rocket -- my SLK. Very cute, just a little attitude, gets great gas mileage and easy to park in tight spaces! Perfect for San Francisco! I have been quoted as saying that car will outlive me! :P
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