LoriB, where are you?

  1. Here I am! Well, it was kinda a long process. I think that bag has probably got 5 good coats of Apple conditioner on it (the lotion.) I did this whole process where I would lotion it up, wait about half an hour for it to soak in, then start twisting small sections one at a time. By twisting, I mean I would twist it like I was wringing out a wet washcloth. I did this in little sections all over the bag. Then I took a pencil eraser and gently rubbed all the little areas that are not twistable, like around the buckles and and other hardware, and the strap. It took forever to do all of this, I did a little bit every day for at least a week. I would sit at my desk at work and just twist my bag. I finally got this bag to the point that it was so soft and smushy that I could just wring out the whole bag in one big twist. I really made this bag my own by doing this process and I have not seen another 06 bag with leather quite like mine. That is why I pulled the auction the last time I was going to sell it, I just couldn't let go. And it is killing me to do it now, but I have good reasons behind it.

    As far as your lilac box goes....that is a lighter color than ink and using too much Apple lotion might not be a good thing for your color. I would say that you need to be patient and do a little bit at a time until you get the desired effect. Do not put on too much lotion and don't twist so hard that you split the leather open. It is important that you massage the lotion in gently and get the bag smooshy before you start twisting the hell out of it. I hope it all works out, keep me posted!
  2. whoa Lori, you are amazing!:choochoo: Sounds like a harsh and yet such a delicate process at the same time... Thank you :heart:so much for the step-by-step instruction!! I will definitely take my time and keep my cool while attempting this seemingly impossible task ;) (sadly, patience is not my virtue at all). Will keep you posted once the deed is done :lol: