Lori Sunnies Mojave Desert Tested & Approved

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  1. Today I wanted to be sure that my new Coach "Lori" Sunnies (from TJ Maxx for $59.99) would hold up out at the Mojave Desert sunglasses testing site in NV so I wore them out there and I must say that my eyes were very pampered and comfortable the whole time in exquisite Coach shade all day, I give them two thumbs up. :tup::tup: Even in 117 degrees of sunlight.
    Yup, they're keepers for my peepers!:supacool: If you have a pair like mine you can be sure now that they work and look fashionable all at once.:P

  2. Ahaha, I live nowhere near that, but good to know! :P I have used my recent Coach sunnies out and about though and they do worked very well in addition to looking fab.

    They look great on you! :yes:
  3. Thank you, ruby. They're fun to wear, I'll have to post pics when I wear them somewhere else where it's not so HOT so that I can keep a hair style and make up on without it melting off. lol
  4. they look fabulous on you jean! that's a very cute pic of you and your doggles too. :heart: :heart: there's something about bright sunlight that makes your skin look really good. even if your make-up is sliding off, we can't tell from the pic!
  5. Thanks, Jes! I think I drank 6 bottles of water, two beers and one diet Pepsi out there. No kidding. And I didn't even have to visit a porta-potty once! It all evaporated out through my skin. Strange how the human body operates under those extreme conditions. Trying to keep to the subject of sunnies: These Lori sunnies do not slide off my nose at all and they are so comfortable! Even when my makeup was sliding off. lol I thought these sunnies were a little tight at first when I tried them on in the store but they aren't because they didn't pinch me anywhere after all day and I never had to remove them because of discomfort. Remarkable shades indeed.
  6. Oh Jes! There are tarantulas out there in that desert! Do you want me to catch you one?
  7. that sounds just like my caprice and jessica sunnies! :heart: especially the caprice - they're like air! i have a pair of kayla as well but they do feel a little tight. maybe i'll change my mind after i wear them out for a day, since you found the lori tight at first as well. :yes:
  8. omg! i'd love to have one but the singapore government would be on my case in a jiffy! :roflmfao:
  9. Oh darn, I thought that would be a good RAOK gift if I got your name. :P
    I will "look into" (literally) other kinds of Coach sunnies now I know they suit me well. Glad you love all your sunnies, maybe you could get your tight ones adjusted to fit you at an optical place. I thought I'd have to do that but they don't need it.
  10. Those sunnies look really good on you!
  11. LOL! i LOVE getting spiders in the mail (other people's nightmare)! :nuts: i've gotten two before, because my friend was supposed to pass them to me and didn't have enough time on both occasions. it was such a treat! :heart:
  12. oh i've gotten my kayla adjusted so they don't stick to my face so much, but the optician couldn't do much about the tightness on both sides of my face, because somehow the kayla is much smaller than the caprice, even though they look almost identical. :yes:
  13. I too bought Lori's at TJMaxx. I love them, but unfortunately we have had so much rain lately that I don't get to wear them much!
  14. All right! If they can do the Mohave Desert, then Orlando in mid-August should be a breeze for my Loris!!! Thanks for posting and for the pictures too - they look fabulous on you!!l Im so happy with the deal on got on those that I keep squealing every time I walk past them! No case yet, though - ugh! Have to hit ebay hard this week for one w/QUICK shipping!!
  15. They look GREAT on you!!! :tup::tup::tup: