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  1. I like the hobo -- tassels are just doin' something for me this season...

  2. The hobo is really cute :smile: The other one is alright, not sure I'd have anything to wear it with.
  3. They kind of look too plain for me... :sad:
  4. I wore the silver loreli but it was really difficult to get stuff in and out of - because of the double chain handles connecting to the single handle at the top - do u know what I mean? i

    t doesn't really 'open' at all - you have to slide everything in thru the sides and the bag is slouchy so it was just drama trying to get stuff in and out - and I always ended up missing calls on my cell because I couldn't get to it in time...
  5. It's not user-friendly then? Sorry to hear that, monablu.
  6. Hi! Can you authentic this belt? Thank you in advance!

    IMG_1942.jpg IMG_1945.jpg
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