Lorelai Gilmore carrying Coach Soho Hobo

  1. Lorelai Gilmore is carrying a black leather Coach Soho Large Hobo right now on Gilmore Girls. :smile:
  2. On tonights episode? I will have to check it out. I notice her bags but haven't been able to pinpoint a brand.
  3. In the past few seasons, they've been wearing a ton of Marc Jacobs clothes and also carrying tons of his bags!
  4. i have all the season on DVD...now I have a reason to go back and actually watch them now..lol
  5. Tonight's episode. I THINK it's new. I know, now congrats COACH!!!
  6. :crybaby: I can't watch Season 7 until it comes out on DVD - we don't get CW, because we have DirectTv...

    That's cool that she is using a Coach bag!! They have always been known for their Marc Jacobs things... DVF, Anthropolgie, Deesh, etc... I don't think I have ever noticed any Coach though!! So that is cool!!:yes:

    depthxofxdreams - there was actually just a discussion about this in the MJ area... Lorelei has a black multi pocket in seasons 4-6, also there is a blue Cammie that Rory used in a few episodes (around the Dean affair), and Lorelei uses it one time later on... Then, at Wedding Bell Blues, Lorelei is carrying a Balenciaga mini classique bag in the pewter color as an evening bag, & at the end of Season 6, when they go to look at the house, she has a Balenciaga work (can't tell if it is real or replica though... might be a diff brand).... Just some things to look for when you go back through.

    Sigh... I miss my GG fix :hysteric:
  7. I'm still trying to figure out what brand that pink bag is that she was carrying around the same time as the MJ multi-pocket... it looked like a cammie, but had o-rings instead of side buckles... flat pockets more like the MBMJ than than MJ....Anyone know?

    Also, the chain link hobo that she uses at the end of Season 6 & beginning of Season 7.. I can't figure out what this is either, I think I saw someone say it might be Gucci... but I dunno...

    If anyone finds any screen shots of the Coach bag in action - please post them! :smile:

  8. thank you i will definately have to keep an eye out for them now!!!
  9. Lorelai always carries MJ bags.
    I'll check it out tonight. YAY! for coach.
  10. Oh, I've noticed the pocket bags she carries. Thats cool that Stars Hollow has a Marc Jacobs lol.
  11. I just seen it. It looks great.
  12. I saw that and wanted to come post right away but had to go pick my DD from dance, glad I was not the only one to notice, and I am not the only one watching GG.....It was kinda boring last night though.
  13. Bags4Bubbles, you can watch past episodes from this season on YouTube if you really want to see them.
  14. Can I just, I am so proud of myself right now,haha. :nuts: I have been addicted to reading this forum and playing on the Coach website and last night I was like, I think Lorelei's wearing Coach! Thanks DesignerElla for confirming!
    PS I love GG's so much :heart:
  15. Really? Hmmm... I may have to check into that - Thanks!!! :nuts: