1. Here is my small collection. I like to collect bags from different designers, different colors and textures. I have one more I'll be adding, a black balenciaga city. They are from 2nd pic: chanel 05 reissue, red kate spade (feels like wool), emerald first, lv regular batignolle, mustard nylon prada tote, blueberry fendi spy, d&g patent bag, fendi zucca baquette, and a charlie lapson bag, (gift from mom)
    mycollection 001.jpg mycollection 002.jpg mycollection 003.jpg mycollection 004.jpg
  2. Great collection!
  3. The blue Spy is gorgeous!
  4. Love your collection...looks really fabulous! :tup:

    I like the color of your Fendi Spy...awesome Blueberry.:tender:
    Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  5. Thanks, I should of stuffed the prada bag though, it looks sad!
  6. Very nice.
  7. Great collection. Love your Chanel. :smile:
  8. love your collection!!! especially the spy
  9. Great collection!!! Especially love the blueberry spy, awesome color!
  10. LOOOOOOOVE that color on your Spy!!! :drool:
  11. great collection.
  12. Love your collection, thanks for sharing!:tup:
  13. The esmerald first is gorgeous! :drool:
  14. Great collection, love the Chanel!
  15. very nice collection ... love the fendi spy bag!