L'Oreal vs Ebay

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  1. I was watching my local news when it was reported that L'Oreal cosmetics has filed a lawsuit against eBay for allowing the sales of fake L'Oreal products. They stated that eBay has failed to be more watchful of fake items being sold. If I find anything else on it...will post.
  2. Oy..I guess there's no limit to what people will fake anymore. :cursing:
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    What's next? Maybelline? :biggrin:
  4. I buy Kerastase hair products (a Loreal company) off eBay all the time. A regular sized shampoo retails for around $30. I bet the higher end lines are being faked more.
  5. :wtf:
  6. Not surprised. Fake fragrances have been for sale for as long as fake handbags, why not sell on eBay?
  7. I always wondered about the kiosk's in the malls selling perfume, I always thought they were selling old perfume, now I wonder if they are fake too.
  8. Fake toothpaste has been pulled from the shelves of some dollar shops over here as it has been found that they contain carcinogens. Baby formula also gets counterfeited, as does batteries and razors... dang just start your own brand!!!
  9. lol! Wow this is really good to know... just wondered why L'oreal and not Lancome or Chanel cosmetics, lol. L'oreal is right in the drugstore!
  10. :wtf: They fake cosmetic products too?
    why doesnt lv and chanel file suit against ebay?
  11. LV already did. I think it was a precedent setting case (or just a very big deal in law circles). Since then, ebay has tightened their policies on fakes... but obviously not enough!
  12. LMAO!:roflmfao:
  13. LMAO!
    L'Oreal :roflmfao:
  14. My husband works in the cosmetics industry for a manufacturer that makes for one of L'Oreal's Brands (can't say which one) and from what I understand at least for Shampoo there really aren't any fake shampoos just diverted product and they use the claim that its fake as thats the only way that can force a vendor legally to reveal it's source. Though in this case its Ebay Europe and perfumes not shampoo so maybe there are fake perfumes but shampoo not likely....