L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

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  1. Anyone try it yet?
  2. Yes... Hate it!
    Very VERY clumpy on me...
    But then again, I have difficult lashes to handle, because they're quite heavy and straight, so I need a lighter mascara than this one.
  3. i just purchased this yesterday, will take it for a test run tomorrow
  4. Every review so far has been really bad. I was tempted to get it, but not anymore.
  5. Actually I love it! I picked it up on a whim, but I know I'll be buying it again in the future. Doesn't clump, great volume and curl, and a decent amount of length. Now I'm just waiting until they come out with a waterproof version.
  6. IKR. But you know what? Usually what every body hates, I love.. like Lash Stiletto :P
  7. I got it. It is not clumping at all. it separates lashes beautifully but its not volumizing and it doesn't lengthen much. I paired it with the voluminous carbon black. looks great that way.
  8. I actually love this one! I mainly like Diorshow mascara but it's expensive, so this is a good back-up. Mascara seems to be like perfume- very personal!
  9. I want to try it. I love trying new mascara
  10. ilove her. lOL
  11. Same I was interested at first but with all the negative reviews online ..
  12. I got it, love it, highly recommend it. Plus its so cheap it worth the risk, but I think you will like it, definitely adds more volume
  13. Bought it, hate it. My lashes are naturally curly maybe that's why, the mascara did nothing for me
  14. I've had it aout a week. Not crazy about it. No volume, no lengthening, better drugstore mascaras out there, like the aforementioned Lash Stiletto, Prestige My Blackest lashes, NYX Doll Eye, to name a few.
  15. Looks like I won't be trying this product, so many bad reviews.