L'oreal vive conditoner, yeh or nay?

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  1. [​IMG]I just bought this, is it any good?
  2. I bought the shampoo and conditioner set a while ago and while it smells good, I don't find the conditioner conditions enough. The shampoo is okay, but I wouldn't recommend the conditioner.
  3. I use the Vive for color treated, hi-lighted hair and like it.
  4. i bought it as an everyday conditioner and hated it, actually. =/ the smell is way too strong and perfumy... and the conditioner itself is watery and doesn't seem to do much for my hair. i much prefer L'oreal's *actual* professional line... they make a very good conditioner for color treated hair called "color expert". :tup:
  5. i tried the conditioner some time ago, and didn't love it. i actually hated it at first as it felt really watery and didn't seem to condition my hair at all, but after repeated use my hair seemed to adjust to it :shrugs: and actually got pretty soft, but overall i wouldn't repurchase.
  6. I tried it and it worked great the first few times, but then it started giving me dandruff and I never get dandruff :confused1:

    Aussie 3-Minute Miracle conditioners are the best! If you don't need deep conditioning you can just put it on and rinse it off...
  7. ^^I agree w/ claire, aussie 3 min miracle is great. that particular conditioner^^vive pro nutri gloss~i believe it has panthenol in it, which is the evil ingredient in pantene.
  8. i liked the conditioner but i switch what i use everyday
    for me the 1st time i use it its great but then my hair gets too used to it so i switch it up daily i use
    the drama clean from herbal essence
    john frieda
    in different combos
    thats what works for me
  9. Ok I'm using a bottle of this. First few applications were yay, I noticed a dramatic change to my hair strands, smooth, shiny, soft, and flowy, the effect could last 2+ days. Around halfway through the bottle, the silkiness and softness diminished gradually, my long hair is back to a frizzy blah though the shine is still there. I've got about 10% product left to use. I'm thinking of getting Dove next.
  10. Nay, completely dries out your hair. I switched to prof product lines about 10 years ago and never went back to things that can usually be found in drugstores (although some lines are decent).
  11. Thanks chicks, sucks for me, I already used it and can't return it. But I switch every day or two. Where can I get Loreal professional products. I know my top of the line salon uses L'oreal hair dye which I was shocked about. I thought for sure it was Redkin or Paul Mitchell.. almost fell out of my black covered apron the day my stylist told me.. :wtf:
  12. ^i switch everyday, too. i use:
    john frieda brilliant brunette
    suave for color treated hair
    sunsilk moisturizing